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Montevideo, July 20th 2019 - 22:29 UTC

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  • Friday, July 19th 2019 - 09:17 UTC

    Controversial UK defense contract will cost taxpayers an extra GBP 10 million

    The 12-year contract worth GBP525.0 million will see Capita assist the defense department with work on 53 fire stations in the UK, Falkland Islands and Cyprus

    Serco Group PLC said on Thursday it has settled with the UK Ministry of Defense after it initially took legal action against the government department for awarding a fire and rescue services contract to Capita PLC.

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  • Friday, May 3rd 2019 - 21:50 UTC

    Penny Mordaunt, the first UK female defense secretary

    MP for Portsmouth North, Ms Mordaunt is an exhead of the Conservative Party's youth wing and was a press officer for William Hague when he was party leader

    Penny Mordaunt has become the UK's first female defense secretary after Gavin Williamson was sacked. She was previously international development secretary, in charge of a multi-billion pound annual budget. With a background as a naval reservist, and having served as an armed forces minister under David Cameron, Ms Mordaunt seems well prepared for the role.´

  • Friday, November 30th 2018 - 05:52 UTC

    Falklands voice dismay and praise for second commercial flight

    MLA Roger Spink admitted ”everybody is concerned when you have something that goes via Argentina...that’s why you have these agreements.”

    The proposed second airline service between the Falklands and South America with a once a month stopover in Argentina, drew both strongly voiced concerns and praise at a public meeting held on Wednesday evening in Stanley. Worried citizens suggested Argentina might manipulate Islanders by threatening to interrupt the link to Sao Paulo, Brazil in the longer term.

  • Thursday, October 4th 2018 - 06:50 UTC

    Argentina leans over Falklands' head continuously, says MLA Pollard

    “We are concerned about some Argentine rhetoric, but we are happy that things are in place to defend us against them”, MLA Pollar told the Express (Pic by Daily Express)

    The Falkland Islands are under “continuous” threat from Argentina but is very capable of being able to defend itself, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Mark Pollard told Darren Hunt from the Express at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

  • Thursday, February 8th 2018 - 09:11 UTC

    Falklands and MoD agree to address rotor winds at MPA airport

    The airport at MPC is the international commercial link of the Falklands

    The Falkland Islands government and the Ministry of Defense have agreed to address the challenge of rotor winds, which have become a serious problem for the operations at the Mount Pleasant Complex.

  • Wednesday, November 1st 2017 - 08:27 UTC

    Royal Navy forced into “cannibalization” to meet the shortage of spares

    The Royal Navy has 19 frigates and destroyers and seven attack submarines - but at times they lack the spare parts they need to go to sea.

    The Royal Navy seems to be copying some of its Latin American peers. In effect the shortage of spares for Royal Navy warships and submarines has forced the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to strip parts from the rest of the fleet, the National Audit Office (NAO) has found.

  • Thursday, September 7th 2017 - 08:34 UTC

    Clyde shipbuilding unions furious with MoD over building of new frigates

    Unions at Govan and Scotstoun yards said the work had been promised to them. Fallon said Clyde yards had already been guaranteed 20 years of work

    Shipbuilding unions have accused the UK Minister of Defense of reneging on a promise to build five new navy frigates on the Clyde. It came as Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon announced that five Type 31e frigates could be built and assembled across several UK shipyards.

  • Friday, July 21st 2017 - 09:33 UTC

    Cutting steel ceremony for Royal Navy's First Type 26: “HMS Glasgow”

    The last HMS Glasgow - a Type 42 Destroyer - was awarded the “Falkland Islands 1982” battle honor.

    The first of eight new Type 26 frigates being built for the Royal Navy has been named HMS Glasgow. The name was revealed by Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon as he cut the first steel on the ship at BAE System's Govan shipyard. The last HMS Glasgow, a Type 42 Destroyer, was awarded the “Falkland Islands 1982” battle honor. The new anti-submarine warfare frigates will be known as the City Class.

  • Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 19:29 UTC

    The plight of Ascension Island residents cut off from the Falklands' Airbridge

    The island, which covers around 45 square miles just south of the equator, is formed by around 40 volcanic peaks.

    Ascension Island, home to around 800 people, is even more cut off than it used to be after weekly flights linking the island to the UK were stopped - due to a dodgy runway and the wrong kind of RAF aircraft, according to a BBC report. The British overseas territory is the tip of an old volcano in the Atlantic Ocean, mid-way between Africa and Brazil. It's so remote, that when the Portuguese discovered it on Ascension Day in 1501, they didn't even bother colonizing it.

  • Sunday, June 18th 2017 - 10:52 UTC

    Falkland Islands: New terminal in 2½ years

    THE air terminal at Mount Pleasant is likely to be subject to civilianisation in approximately nine months, and be rebuilt, or extended or refurbished in two and a half years, stated the Chief Executive Barry Rowland at the public meeting on Monday.