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Montevideo, March 19th 2019 - 23:12 UTC

Tag: Photography

  • Tuesday, February 19th 2019 - 09:18 UTC

    US sailor in iconic photo in New York celebrating the end of WWII, has died

    The photo of George Mendonsa bending over and kissing 21-year Greta Zimmer Friedman on VJ Day became one of the most enduring images of the period

    The US sailor famously photographed kissing a stranger in New York's Times Square to celebrate the end of World War Two has died aged 95. The picture of George Mendonsa bending over and kissing 21-year-old Greta Zimmer Friedman on VJ Day (Victory over Japan) became one of the most enduring images of the period.

  • Thursday, February 14th 2019 - 09:23 UTC

    Falklands' king penguins among the top wildlife photos of the year

    Highly commended by London's Natural History Museum photo contest was an image of three king penguins on a beach during an sunrise in the Falkland Islands

    A beautiful image of two male lions rubbing each other's faces in Tanzania has been crowned the People's Choice wildlife photo of the year. The picture, entitled Bond of Brothers, won the contest organized by London's Natural History Museum after 16,000 nature lovers took part in a public vote.

  • Friday, April 13th 2018 - 09:17 UTC

    Photo of the year: Venezuelan Ronaldo Schemidt wins the World Press Photo

    José Víctor Salazar appears running surrounded in flames when being reached by a stream of gasoline. Ronaldo Schemidt / Agence France-Presse

    Venezuelan photographer Ronaldo Schemidt received on Thursday the World Press Photo of the year in Amsterdam, one of the most prestigious in photojournalism, for a photograph shot in May 2017 during the protests in Venezuela while working for Agence France-Presse (AFP) . In the photograph a protester appears in flames, in front of a graffiti in which a weapon appears shooting at the word “peace”.

  • Wednesday, January 31st 2018 - 16:04 UTC

    Falklands ecosystem documented in National Geographic February

    Paul Nicklen: “There seems to be this balance of people, sheep, agriculture, fishing, and really abundant wildlife and nature”.

    The National Geographic February 2018 will document the Falkland Islands' diverse ecosystem by wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen. The piece points out that for every permanent resident in the Falklands there are 167 sheep, but also the Islands have 65 species of birds, along marine mammals in the surrounding ecosystem.