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Montevideo, March 24th 2019 - 17:35 UTC

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  • Tuesday, January 22nd 2019 - 09:04 UTC

    Australian firm will use revolutionary blockchain platform to track its toothfish

    Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter was excited about the possibilities that OpenSC offers for responsible operators.

    WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures launched a revolutionary new digital platform that uses blockchain and other technologies to track food and products, and that will help people and business to avoid illegal, environmentally-damaging or unethical products.

  • Tuesday, October 10th 2017 - 02:11 UTC

    South Georgia proposing to extend toothfish licensing period from 2 to 4 years

    Key among SGSSI's proposed changes to the management of the fishery is the extension of the toothfish licensing period from 2 to 4 years

    The South Georgia and South Sandwich toothfish fishery is one of the highest-scoring Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries, underpinned by scientific research, ecosystem-based precautionary management, and careful monitoring and enforcement.

  • Thursday, March 9th 2017 - 14:09 UTC

    Peruvian 2017 toothfish quota established at 160 tons

    Fishing for Patagonian toothfish must end when the quota is reached or, failing that, it must not exceed December 31, 2017.

    Peruvian Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) has set the maximum allowable catch quota for Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) at 160 tons for 2017. According to the Ministerial Resolution No. 097-2017-PRODUCE, published on Friday in the official newspaper El Peruano, states the quota may be modified according to biological and/or environmental conditions, following a report from the Instituto Mar del Peru (IMARPE).

  • Monday, October 17th 2016 - 09:34 UTC

    Global momentum to protect the Antarctic Ocean builds as international talks begin in Hobart

    “The time for action to safeguard the Antarctic’s waters, the engine room of the ocean, is now. Commitments for almost 4m sq kms of MPAs have been made in the past weeks” Mike Walker said.

    The Antarctic Ocean Alliance is calling on nations to secure the future of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean, at the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) currently meeting in Hobart, Australia. This week, representatives from 25 governments are gathering in Hobart to address three proposed marine protected areas, amounting to more than five million square kilometers of Antarctic waters.

  • Monday, June 22nd 2015 - 05:17 UTC

    IUU fishing: Spain announces €11 million penalties against Galicia syndicate

    The fines, the highest known, are issued against companies and individuals for 19 serious infringements linked to illegal fishing activities in Southern Ocean.

    Spanish government last Friday announced penalties that could reach more than €11 million against Spanish nationals, including companies involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. An EU coalition of three international NGOs, including Environmental Justice Foundation, Oceana and WWF described the fines as a historic moment in the battle against IUU fishing and are calling on other EU member states to follow suit with their own nationals.

  • Monday, March 30th 2015 - 07:13 UTC

    Falklands economy main contributor is fishing industry: 34% of GDP in 2012

    Fishing licence fees are typically the biggest single source of government revenues, besides non-regular corporate tax revenues relating to hydrocarbons

    Measured by GDP, fishing is the most important industry in the Falkland Islands and in 2012 contributed 34% to GDP, according to the State of the Falklands Economy report from the FIG Policy Unit.

  • Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 - 06:59 UTC

    Toothfish poachers in Australian waters try to ram Sea Shepherd's “Sam Simon”

    When sighted the 'Yongding' sailed directly towards the 'Sam Simon' and only missed a collision by 10 meters

    Two illegal fishing boats that evaded the New Zealand navy are now in Australian waters, but it's unclear whether local authorities will intervene. Conservation group Sea Shepherd on Monday said one of their ships patrolling the area, the Sam Simon, intercepted the Yongding and the Kunlun at 11.30am AEDT with prohibited fishing gear on its deck.

  • Thursday, January 22nd 2015 - 15:47 UTC

    Toothfish poachers caught red-handed in Antarctica waters slip away

    “It's the start of a lengthy process to try to stamp out such insidious activity,” said Murray McCully, New Zealand's foreign minister.

    Staying hidden behind sea ice and large waves, sailors aboard a navy patrol boat from New Zealand sneaked up on three suspected poaching ships, then took photos and video of the fishermen hauling in prized fish in banned nets from the ocean near Antarctica. Seemingly caught red-handed, the crews of the rusting vessels just kept on fishing.

  • Friday, January 9th 2015 - 07:07 UTC

    Sea Shepherd breaks record for world's longest sea chase of a poaching vessel

    Nigerian flagged poacher 'Thunder' has covered the entire Banzare Bank with gillnets exceeding 100 kilometers in length (Pic The Telegraph)

    On Thursday, the Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, marked the 22nd day of its pursuit of the Interpol-listed poaching vessel, Thunder. In doing so, the conservation ship has broken the record for the world's longest sea chase of a poaching vessel.

  • Monday, October 20th 2014 - 21:56 UTC

    AOA calls on CCAMLR to agree on marine protection of the Ross Sea and East Antarctica

    A joint US-NZ proposal to designate a Ross Sea marine protected area (MPA) of 1.32 million km2 (with 1.25 million km2 as “no take”) is under consideration

    As representatives of the 25 Members of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) meet this week in Hobart, where they will decide the fate of two key protection proposals in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica, the Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA) (*) called on the member countries to honor their conservation commitments and finally agree to lasting and significant Southern Ocean protection.