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Montevideo, September 29th 2023 - 19:46 UTC


  • Thursday, August 10th 2023 - 10:49 UTC

    Uruguayan orange producers said to be retaining cheap Argentine labor

    “So far we have not found where this phenomenon is occurring,” Uruguayan Labor Minister Mieres said

    Agricultural producers in the Salto area have been reported to hire Argentine labor from Concordia just across the border and pay them three times less than they would local workers, Uruguay's National Union of Salaried, Rural, and Related Workers (Unión Nacional de Asalariados, Trabajadores Rurales y Afines - Unatra) denounced.

  • Friday, August 4th 2023 - 10:23 UTC

    Narcotraficker Sebastián Marset threatens Uruguayan and Bolivian journalists using a Falklands' chip phone

    The same number had been used before by the narcotrafficker to communicate with Telenoche in August 2022 when he sent a series of videos denying his involvement in the assassination of Marcelo Pecci

    Uruguayan news outlet Telenoche (Canal 4) received a chilling threat signed by the elusive Uruguayan drug lord, Sebastián Marset, who remains a fugitive from justice, as the reporters announced during their Wednesday 5 broadcast. The text, sent via WhatsApp at 10:47 PM on Tuesday, 4th, bore a clear warning: “Hello. If you continue making articles about me, there will be consequences. I am Marset.” Accompanying this chilling statement was a photo featuring 24 Glock pistol magazines arranged meticulously in a box.

  • Friday, August 4th 2023 - 08:29 UTC

    Buquebus granted extension to bring decommissioned ship to Uruguay

    he Eladia Isabel was built in 1994 and took three hours to cross the River Plate

    Argentine customs authorities Thursday extended the deadline for the return to Uruguay of Buquebus' Eladia Isabel to “prevent her from sinking,” it was reported in Buenos Aires. Following an inspection in June last, the vessel was found to be in a “distressing condition” and was to be re-exported before July 9. Now it has time so until Oct. 10.

  • Wednesday, August 2nd 2023 - 10:25 UTC

    Palliative care now mandatory for healthcare providers in Uruguay

    If it is possible and the means are there, why are we condemning thousands of Uruguayans today to die suffering?” Senator Goñi wondered

    Uruguay's Senate passed a bill unanimously Tuesday providing for universal access to palliative care. All 26 senators present voted in favor of the Uruguayan Society of Palliative Medicine and Care's (SUMCP) initiative dating back to 2020, it was reported in Montevideo. Forty-one percent of the population is still not guaranteed access to palliative care.

  • Saturday, July 29th 2023 - 10:44 UTC

    Uruguay to build prison for transgender inmates

    Petit estimated that the new penitentiary could be ready in less than two years.

    Uruguayan authorities have announced plans to build a prison for transgender offenders, it was reported in Montevideo. Uruguay is the country with the highest per capita incarceration rate in South America, with four out of every 1,000 inhabitants behind bars.

  • Friday, July 28th 2023 - 10:39 UTC

    Uruguay: Desalination plant arrives from United States to fight the water crisis

    The unit did not fit into the aircraft and had to be carried by ship

    Uruguayan authorities Thursday confirmed the arrival in Montevideo of a desalination plant bought in the United States to fight the water crisis hitting the country. The piece of equipment was expected to take about four weeks to be delivered from Houston, but in the end, it was over two months.

  • Friday, July 28th 2023 - 10:09 UTC

    “Alive” survivor Coche Inciarte dies aged 75

    “There are 16 cordilleras, one for each of the 16 of us who have survived, and although based on the same facts, they are somewhat different,” wrote Coche in his memoirs

    José Luis “Coche” Inciarte, one of the 16 survivors from the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crash into the Andes mountains on Friday, October 13, 1972, died Thursday at the age of 75, it was reported in Montevideo. With Inciarte's death, 14 survivors of the tragedy remain alive. On June 5, 2015, Javier Methol passed away due to cancer and severe bone problems.

  • Wednesday, July 26th 2023 - 20:16 UTC

    Spain summons Uruguayan ambassador over criticism of PSOE by interim vice-president

    Acting VP Graciela Bianchi (left) asserted that the PSOE “has secured funding and embraced the values of Ibero-American narco-dictatorships.” FM Bustillo (right) apologized to his Spanish counterpart

    The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Uruguay's Ambassador to Madrid, Ana Teresa Ayala, in response to controversial statements made by acting Vice President of the Uruguayan government, Graciela Bianchi, concerning Spain's Socialist Party (PSOE) in the wake of the recent Spanish general elections.

  • Saturday, July 22nd 2023 - 11:25 UTC

    Uruguay: Finnish pulp mills granted use of Fray Bentos free-trade zone until 2053

    UPM's request to extend the term goes hand in hand with its other free zone

    The Uruguayan Government this week extended the term of exploitation of the Fray Bentos duty-free zone to the company UPM until 2053, it was reported in Montevideo.

  • Thursday, July 20th 2023 - 09:00 UTC

    Dead penguins found on Uruguayan beaches

    Uruguayan authorities ruled out bird flu but still cautioned the population not to handle the dead animals because the health alert remains in force

    Uruguayan researchers have reported the finding of some 300 dead Magellanic penguins on local beaches, the NGO SOS Rescate Fauna Marina confirmed. The birds were said to be extremely thin and might have died due to cold weather on their annual migration from Argentine Patagonia to southern Brazil in search of food and warmer weather.