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Stories for 2016

  • Wednesday, November 30th 2016 - 09:54 UTC

    “A little piece of the Malvinas” and Falklands' berries for Pope Francis

    Daniela was in St Peter's square last Wednesday and after waiting a long time Francis finally emerged, blessing the sick and then approaching the faithful. (Pic El Sureño)

    An Argentine teacher and runner who has competed three times in the annual Falklands marathon met last week Pope Francis, in Rome, and handed him a “little piece of the Falklands” and some of the berries that the Argentine soldiers had to eat during their time in the 1982 conflict.

  • Wednesday, November 30th 2016 - 09:31 UTC

    Temer signs bill that opens sub-salt oil deposits to private the sector

    With the new bill Petrobras has signaled its reluctance to take on the operator role for new sub-salt projects, and could end up selling stakes in sub-salt projects

    Brazilian president Michel Temer signed legislation on Tuesday which opens the way for oil companies other than state-controlled Petrobras to operate the coveted sub-salt acreage. The bill repeals a controversial 2010 rule that requires Petrobras to hold a minimum 30% operating stake in assets governed by production-sharing contracts, mainly sub-salt assets.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 19:49 UTC

    Cristina Fernandez shows up in court but avoids the media and followers

    Before 08:00 in the morning the ex president showed up at the court house for finger printing and social-environment report

    Former Argentine president early Tuesday morning turned up at the main court house in Buenos Aires, (Tribunales Building) where she had her finger prints taken and filled a social-environment report as indicated by law in Argentina. Judge Claudio Bonadio who has the case for which the ex president has been indicted and refers to the dollar futures sale by the Central bank, did not attend.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 16:34 UTC

    Argentine yacht rescued by Falklands en route back to Mar del Plata

    “La Sanmartiniana” is finally en route to Puerto Deseado in Santa Cruz province with a crew of five. (Pic by M. Pole-Evans)

    The Argentine yacht “La Sanmartiniana”, which had been spotted and rescued, abandoned in the high seas, October 2015 by a Falklands Fisheries Protection patrol finally left the Islands on Sunday morning 27 November and is in route to Mar del Plata with a stop in Puerto Deseado, reported Robert King, Falkland Islands government Collector of Customs, Registar of Ships, Shipping Master, Receiver of Wreck and Admiralty Marshal.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 11:16 UTC

    Plane carrying Chapecoense football team crashes on approach to Medellin

    From celebration to mourning. Plane carrying Brazilian football club players crashed in Medellin...

    A Bolivian-registered airplane carrying the football players of Brazilian team Chapecoense crashed in a mountainous area as it approached Medellin's Jose Maria Cordova international airport around Monday midnight, local time. The team was due to play the first leg of the South American Cup (the second most important club continental competition) final against Libertadores Cup holders Atlético Nacional on Wednesday. Five survivors out of 81 people on board have been reported.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 09:47 UTC

    No music to mark American Airlines landing in Havana

    American Airlines flight #17 nonstop from Miami to Havana was of historical importance

    Passengers from Miami, wearing straw hats provided by American Airlines with the word “Cuba” on the back, were greeted with welcome signs in various languages, but no music as the first scheduled commercial flight from the US to Havana in more than 50 years landed Monday to the applause of passengers and a water-spraying salute from firetrucks.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 09:38 UTC

    MI certifies Trump's win, Stein sticks to recount plans in WI, PA but nothing will change

    Jill Stein was surprisingly successful raising funds to question Donald Trump's victory. George Soros suspected of being the mysterious philantropist

    Electoral officials for the state of Michigan certified Monday that Donald Trump won by 10,704 votes out of nearly 4.8 million to claim all of its 16 electoral votes. Green Party nominnee Jill Stein said she would continue with her petitions for vote recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, although it would have taken a reversal in all three states for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to reach the presidency.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 09:32 UTC

    First case of zika confirmed in Texas

    The aedes mosquito is known to carry the zika virus

    Texas health officials have announced Monday their first case of Zika virus, making it the second US state to report such an occurrence after Florida. The victim is a woman who is not pregnant and has not traveled anywhere a Zika affected area in recent times, it was announced.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 09:01 UTC

    US told by WTO to drop a special tax exemption that benefits Boeing

    The tax cut was provided by the state of Washington in 2013 to ensure that wings for Boeing's new 777X jetliner were made only there.

    United States was given 90 days to drop a special tax exemption for the giant aerospace company Boeing because it amounts to an unlawful subsidy. The World Trade Organization (WTO) made the order after investigating a complaint from the European Union.

  • Tuesday, November 29th 2016 - 08:49 UTC

    Brazil lost 751,800 formal jobs in ten months of 2016

    From November 2015 to October 2016, Brazil registered a net loss of 1.5 million jobs. In October alone, Brazil lost 74,700 jobs.

    Brazil lost 751,800 formal jobs from January to October 2016, the country's Labour Ministry reported. According to the ministry's unemployment registry, the figures are only slightly better than the same period last year, when the Brazilian economy registered a net loss of 818,900 jobs.