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Argentine night air patrolling reveals “city of floating lights” in the South Atlantic

Thursday, February 2nd 2017 - 17:28 UTC
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A floating “city” of lights belonging to hundreds of jiggers, “mostly Asians”, operating in the grey fringes of the South Atlantic Argentine Economic Exclusive Zone, EEZ, at the 200 miles borderline have been filmed and monitored night after night by Argentine navy patrol aircraft, reports the Patagonia media. Read full article


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  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    This is the obvious result of an Sino-Anglo-Teuton-Iberian-Yankee-Nippon-Carioca plot, that was uncovered recently.

    The Spanish and British feign a fishing row so that the Spanish companies outsource to hire Chinese to come to Argentine EEZ and not fish their own waters, which the British fish exclusively for them, with German collusion to buy the catches from Spanish ghost companies, and Yankee tacit approval to not alert Argentina, with Japan acting as foil further south for attention deflection, since they get a cut via the Europeans and Americans in manufactures, while selling the reprocessed fish from China to Brazil.

    Why the foreigner must be fought at every corner. The Foreigner is a Foreigner, always remember Argentines. They want you hanging from your manhood.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 02:58 am - Link - Report abuse -7
  • Marti Llazo

    @ fidelito “....This is the obvious result of an Sino-Anglo-Teuton-Iberian-Yankee-Nippon-Carioca plot....”

    Actually it's a Sino-Latvian-Reptilian-Bolivian-Martian-Mississippian-Precambrian-Transjordanian-Antediluvian-Avian plot that affects not only fish and snake eggs but also insidiously acts to increase the lead oxide content in reprocessed Fernet, which is now viewed as largely responsible for the phenomenal increase in mental illness in Argentina.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 03:34 am - Link - Report abuse +10
  • Kanye

    Nostrils Troll obviously has access to information that nobody else has.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 03:53 am - Link - Report abuse +7
  • gordo1

    Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium - more meaningless nonsense!

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 06:34 am - Link - Report abuse +6
  • GALlamosa

    The Falkland Islands Government has been advocating a regional multi-lateral high seas agreement to protect the SW Atlantic for two decades. Argentina has consistently refused to co-operate. We even got the EU to propose discussions several years ago, and it was refused. Now they are moaning and wailing about all the vessels on the high seas.

    The solution is at hand guys, if you were not collectively seriously stupid. Get on with it for everyone's benefit.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 12:40 pm - Link - Report abuse +7
  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    They are Argentina's water's they are poaching not Falklands EEZ so there is nothing for the Falklands to advocate or demand and never will be. They just have no jurisdiction and the solution is solely in the hands of the Argentine people and absolutely no one else on the planet, and that is the end of the discussion for the Falklands and UK.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 12:47 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • Briton

    Considering Argentina thinks it own the whole of the south Atlantic,
    perhaps the Mighty argentine Navy should be sent to arrest them.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 02:12 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Marti Llazo

    Poor fidelito. Such delusion. It must be rough. Have you considered professional help?

    Try this simple test, fidelito: send one of your remaining patched-up gomones into the Falklands EEZ, just for fun, and see what Falklands jurisdiction means in the real world.

    Fidelito, the voice of Argentina

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 02:20 pm - Link - Report abuse +6
  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    You really are actually mentally challenged aren't you?

    Where did I mention Argentina going into the Falklands EEZ? IT is their territory And any incursion would have the appropriate unwelcome response.

    This article is about the area from Puerto Madryn to Comodoro.. last I checked, that area wasn't recognized as Falklands EEZ, so my comment about Argentine EEZ stands. No doubt Britain would love to do another colonialist grab and take it, but that aside, that area is solely Argentina's and everyone else can scream all they want but the decisions are not theirs to make.

    Argentina did not agree to multi-lateral agreements under Menem, De la Rua, Duhalde, Kirchner and CFK and now Macri (note the consistency across political lines), simply because those regions are exclusively Argentina's. What is so darn difficult to understand that the UK nor anyone else has any authority to make decisions in our waters. End of story, the whole planet can demand for multi-lateral fisheries agreements in the South Atlantic, the whole world can call on Argentina to sit at the Oceanographic table and stop being the one country opposed to the Southern Ocean... but it doesn't matter.

    The South Atlantic will remain the only area in the world without multi-lateral agreements, because they are a sovereingty grab by the rest of the world. The Southern Ocean will remain non-existent and Argentina will continue to veto it, because it is a LAND GRAB as it would mean that waters off Santa Cruz province below parallel 50 would be “international waters” in the Southern Ocean.

    Enough of you colonialist European thieves. It's the 21st century not the 19th. For once in your darn history will you people RESPECT OTHERS existence!? Just once, try it.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 02:52 pm - Link - Report abuse -6
  • Marti Llazo

    @fidelito: “The Southern Ocean will remain non-existent and Argentina will continue to veto it,..”

    The ocean will be non-existent? How does one veto an ocean, fidelito? Is this one of your newfound super-powers?

    I think we do have a clue about what is really non-existent.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 03:56 pm - Link - Report abuse +7
  • GALlamosa

    Multi-lateral agreements refer to the High Seas you dodo, not Argentine or Falklands territorial waters. The High Seas is where the hundreds (?) of foreign vessels are.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 04:30 pm - Link - Report abuse +6
  • bushpilot

    @1 Patrollio

    “a Sino-Anglo-Teuton-Iberian-Yankee-Nippon-Carioca plot”

    That was excellent!!

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 04:40 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Marti Llazo

    Fidelito, Argentina is already party to a number of international agreements that cover the South Atlantic and the Southern Ocean regions. Did you know that Argentina subscribes to an agreement that allows UK submarines to travel just 12 miles from the Argentine coast, fidelito?

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 04:40 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    Why do you people call me so many names?

    John Troll

    My name is Vaca Muerta, VACA MUERTA, PETROLLIUM.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 05:01 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • Marti Llazo

    En nuestras almas vos sos siempre fidelito, fidelito.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 05:12 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Zaphod Beeblebrox


    “Why do you people call me so many names?”

    You do ask for it since you change your name on a regular basis. I think you've called yourself more names than anyone else has so the question you should be asking yourself is “Why do I keep changing my name?”

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 06:19 pm - Link - Report abuse +6
  • ElaineB


    Don't you remember me telling you when you changed you name so many times that I was stopping at TTT?

    When are you heading off on your two week vacation? It must be soon.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 08:15 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Marti Llazo

    I don't think his parents will let him out of the basement for that vacation. And he will still need the permission of his juvenile probation officer.

    Feb 03rd, 2017 - 10:13 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Tarquin Fin

    Hmmmm, I hope this helps to bring down barriers and have a common strategy to avoid the depredation taking place in the SA.

    Vaca-Muerta-Petrol, collaboration is actually a good idea. I did upvote your post for tapping into the volcanoes heat for energy. It is a far fetched idea, very far into the future, but very creative and clever.

    However, I believe your whatever conspiracy does not exist in this case. Man, you can do better than that.

    Unless of course you believe those darn Latvians are at work again.

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 12:03 am - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    Are Latvians EUian? If so, yes better keep your eyes on them.

    The Falklanders want to collaborate only in areas that erode our sovereignty... surprise! They don't want any agreement or collaboration whatsoever on their on EEZ, they want Argentina to keep far off that (I do understand this), but they have no problem saying “but we will collaborate in YOUR waters!” Quite convenient position to take.

    Argentina should have no military, it should as I have said before, develop a super sophisticated and numerous anti-missile and aircraft system, that can shoot down enemy fighters in enough numbers so that any attempted invasion of Argentina would prove quite quite costly to any European nation when they try to invade us again.

    That system could double-up to strike all those vessels along the EEZ border. I don't think they would be so willing to fish there if death rains from above.

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 03:50 am - Link - Report abuse -6
  • Marti Llazo

    Before Argentina invents that superdoopersophisticated whatever, it might want to develop a basic patch kit for the remaining rubber boat in the inventory.

    Fidelito, nobody wants to invade Argentina. So relax. Who would want Argentina? For crissake, it's full of Argentines.

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 04:03 am - Link - Report abuse +9
  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    Right, that's what all the Anglos and EUians say. I should trust their word right?


    And BTW, even assuming this is the case right now, what about tomorrow? You nor anyone else can guarantee the future, and Europeans have a genetic predisposition to usurpation and barbarism. As I always have said, you can't change a 3000 year old pig with 70 years of lipstick. And as you see even now, Europe is reverting to its old ways. In a couple of years you will have jingoistic to outright fascist and xenophobic governments in control of the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, France, and probably Germany and Italy. Add Putin's Russia to the east, a fanatical war-torn Middle East to the south, the incipient Fourth Reich across the Atlantic in the USA, a China that is tired of building toys that kill they can't use, and I think its pretty safe to say that WWIII will take place.

    Argentina should stay neutral as always, but some preparations should be in order.

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 04:17 am - Link - Report abuse -6
  • Kanye

    Why does anyone engage in conversation with this idiot , Nostrils?

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 04:43 am - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Vaca_Muerta_peTroLLium

    What part of the above is NOT TRUE?

    I rest my case.

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 05:09 am - Link - Report abuse -6
  • golfcronie

    Can't be true, because it has to happen before one finds the truth or falsehood. It is a guess which may or may not be true

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 08:13 am - Link - Report abuse +3
  • DemonTree

    People have so many names for you because you have so many for yourself. If you stuck to one name they would only invent one or two insulting nicknames for you instead of 20. ;)

    “Europeans have a genetic predisposition to usurpation and barbarism”

    So do all humans. It's amusing that you hate the EU but don't even know what countries are in it, though.

    Obviously no one knows what will happen in the future, but no country in Europe could invade Argentina right now, and the more jingoistic and disunited the EU gets, the less powerful it will be. And if there is a war it won't be anywhere near South America, so YOU may actually be able to stay neutral.

    But isn't your anti-aircraft and anti-missile system military anyway? And how will you defend it from ground troops?

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 11:42 am - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Marti Llazo

    The hordes that might wish to invade Argentina, for what reason I could not imagine, need not worry about this imaginary missile system in troll-boy's cream-dreams. They certainly can't build their own, and they can't afford to buy anything modern from the civilised nations. You'll note that the much-ballyhooed notices about Argentina buying some “new” obsolete fighter aircraft (from the scrapyards of developed countries) also came to naught, though the Argie press is being very quiet about the cancelled procurement. But still troll-boy dreams of glorious modernity in this republiqueta bananera.

    Remember, this is the Argentina that spent nearly 10 years trying to fix an ancient ice-breaker at more than the cost of buying a new one, and still hasn't finished the repairs and refitting, and evidently still hasn't even freed it from being stuck in the mud in port, although now that there is a Chinese dredge at work there may be some progress. And that pretty much summarises Argentina's infrastructure modernisation capability. All noise and no nuts.

    Feb 04th, 2017 - 01:21 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Briton

    No disrespect intended, but no one has called him petrol yet.

    Feb 05th, 2017 - 12:29 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Marti Llazo

    Pet Troll. I like it.

    Fidelito, de aquí en adelante sos Pet Troll.

    Feb 05th, 2017 - 03:08 am - Link - Report abuse +1

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