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Stories for July 2017

  • Friday, July 7th 2017 - 07:01 UTC

    Temer's defense and allies working for a quick end to political uncertainty

    Brazil's top prosecutor accuses Temer of accepting bribes from businesspeople in exchange for political favors.

    Embattled Brazilian President Michel Temer quickly presented his legal defense against corruption allegations to lawmakers, a move seen as a bid to reduce the likelihood of being suspended from office and tried at the Supreme Court. Temer's lawyer submitted the defense on the second day of Chamber of Deputies commission proceedings to consider the matter, eight days ahead of deadline.

  • Friday, July 7th 2017 - 06:43 UTC

    CBI calls for UK to remain in the single market and customs union until the final Brexit deal

    In a speech at the LSE, Ms Fairbairn said it was “common sense” to stay in the single market and customs union until a trade deal was in place.(Pic CBI)

    The UK should stay in the single market and customs union until a final Brexit deal is in force, according to the CBI. Carolyn Fairbairn, head of the business lobby group, said it was “impossible” that all the details of a new trade deal with the European Union would be in place by March 2019. That is when talks about the UK's withdrawal are due to formally finish.

  • Friday, July 7th 2017 - 06:25 UTC

    Hague warns on Brexit impact for UK foreign influence, including protecting Falklands

    “Brexit will be damaging to our ability to work with other EU countries, obviously on foreign affairs and influence their outlook overall,” Hague told fellow peers.

    Brexit will “undoubtedly” harm the UK’s ability to work with other EU countries on foreign issues and its influence in the world, warns former Conservative foreign affairs minister William Hague, including protection of the Falkland Islands, and ensuring solidarity among 28 countries.

  • Friday, July 7th 2017 - 06:00 UTC

    UK will fund 21 projects from Argentine government agencies and civil society

    Ambassador Kent said some of the projects follow on from the lines of work outlined in the Joint Statement of September 2016.

    The British Embassy in Argentina has selected 21 project bids submitted by government agencies and civil society organizations which will award almost 10 million pesos worth of funding during the second half of 2017. The initiative follows on the spirit of the 2016 September Joint Statement.

  • Friday, July 7th 2017 - 04:11 UTC

    UK investing £100 million to attract highly skilled researchers

    Universities and Science minister Jo Johnson said ”research and innovation is at the heart of the (UK) government’s Industrial Strategy”.

    Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson confirmed that the British government is investing £100 million to attract highly skilled researchers to the UK through its new Ernest Rutherford Fund. The Fund will provide fellowships for early-career and senior researchers, from the developed world and from emerging research powerhouses such as India, China, Brazil and Mexico, helping to maintain the UK’s position as a world-leader in science and research.

  • Friday, July 7th 2017 - 03:32 UTC

    Face of the woman who ruled Peru 1,700 Years ago revealed

    The Lady of Cao, who died at about age 25 after giving birth, was a woman with an oval countenance, a brown complexion and long black hair in two braids, according to the reproduction and the research

    The face of the Lady of Cao, considered to be a queen who ruled northern Peru 1,700 years ago, was revealed on Tuesday thanks to 3D technology developed by private companies, as was a replica of her mummified body, appearing just as it was found in 2005 at the El Brujo archaeological complex.

  • Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 19:29 UTC

    The plight of Ascension Island residents cut off from the Falklands' Airbridge

    The island, which covers around 45 square miles just south of the equator, is formed by around 40 volcanic peaks.

    Ascension Island, home to around 800 people, is even more cut off than it used to be after weekly flights linking the island to the UK were stopped - due to a dodgy runway and the wrong kind of RAF aircraft, according to a BBC report. The British overseas territory is the tip of an old volcano in the Atlantic Ocean, mid-way between Africa and Brazil. It's so remote, that when the Portuguese discovered it on Ascension Day in 1501, they didn't even bother colonizing it.

  • Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 19:16 UTC

    Chinese company will exploit energy resources in Brazil

    Since 2013, Petrobras and CNPC have partnered to explore the Libra offshore oilfield in southeast Brazil, considered the most valuable oilfield in the country

    Petrobras announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding with the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to exploit energy resources in Brazil and abroad. In the statement, Petrobras said that the deal will allow the two state oil companies to benefit from each other's capacity and experience in oil and gas production.

  • Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 10:17 UTC

    Soybeans and corn record crops challenge Brazil's storage capacity

    Local prices to growers are down 29% from a year earlier, so farmers are stashing soybeans anywhere they can rather than sell, which is creating a storage crunch

    Brazilian farmers are discovering a serious obstacle to becoming one of the world’s top producers of soybeans: they’re running out of room to store all the unsold supply. The biggest harvest in the country’s history is poised to leave domestic inventories at a record, data from the processors’ group Abiove show.

  • Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 07:04 UTC

    Morales accuses Chile of violating International Court of Justice rules

    Morales said that Chile “should acknowledge there are peaceful ways to resolve controversies between nations”

    Bolivian President Evo Morales accused his Chilean counterpart, Michelle Bachelet, of violating rules of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague by “revealing” the content of the report filed by that country in the dispute over the use of the Silala River, while causing an “unnecessary” conflict in the media.