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Stories for May 2018

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 09:19 UTC

    Falklands 2018/19 budget reflects strength of the Islands economy

    James Wilson, Appropriation Bill allows for a departmental operating budget expenditure in 2018/19 of £72m. Supported by budgeted 2018/19 revenues of £82m. (Pic Twitter B. Elsby MLA)

    The following is the Budget 2018/19 presentation made by the Falkland Islands Financial Secretary, James Wilson.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 09:18 UTC

    Italian lawmakers demand EU budget commissioner be forced out of office

    EU commissioner Oettinger said here had been a “noticeable downturn” in government bonds, banks' market values and in Italy's economy in general”

    Senior Italian politicians on Tuesday called for EU budget commissioner Gunther Oettinger to resign over an “absurd” comment in which he voiced the hope that the country's poor economic situation will keep populist parties out of government.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 09:13 UTC

    EU facing an existential crisis, argues billionaire George Soros

    Addressing the European Council on Foreign Affairs, a think tank he helped found, Soros said: “Divorce will be a long process, taking more than five years”.

    Anti-Brexit billionaire George Soros has urged the EU to “transform itself into an association that countries like Britain would want to join”. Soros said in a speech that Brexit was an “immensely damaging process” for both sides that would “probably” take more than five years to sort out. He warned the EU was “facing an existential crisis” on several fronts.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 09:07 UTC

    Chelsea owner Abramovich granted Israeli citizenship

    An official from Israel’s Immigration Ministry, said the Chelsea football club owner was in Israel. Israel grants automatic citizenship to anyone of Jewish descent.

    An Israeli official says Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has received Israeli citizenship after his British visa was not renewed. The official, from Israel’s Immigration Ministry, said the Chelsea football club owner arrived in Israel on Monday. Israel grants automatic citizenship to anyone of Jewish descent.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 08:58 UTC

    Truckers union calls an end to the crippling strike, but some still resist

    The call by the National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters was a sign that the 9-day strike was starting to wind down despite sporadic blockages

    One of the main unions behind a crippling truckers' strike in Latin America's largest nation on Tuesday called on its members to return to work, warning that failing to do so would erode hard-won gains.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 08:52 UTC

    Falkland Islands elected government establishes new portfolio system

    Chair of the Legislative Assembly, MLA Stacy Bragger said the restructure will help make the business of Government more efficient and more transparent

    Members of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly recently reviewed the portfolio system, having now been in post for six months. The resulting changes are designed to provide greater clarity in the detail of each portfolio, as well as to ensure equity for each portfolio holder.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 08:51 UTC

    The City has “huge concern” over the Brexit political debate: “services sector forgotten”

    Shadow City minister Mr Reynolds said: “The big question is, what is the parliamentary Conservative Party willing to support?''

    The City has “huge concern” over the Brexit political debate being dominated by tariffs and goods rather than the UK’s majority services sector, a shadow minister has said. Labor’s Jonathan Reynolds said that any deal which does not cover services “is clearly a very bad deal for the UK”, noting that there was a “fairly hard ball position being played by the EU”.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 08:43 UTC

    Argentina set to expand fresh beef exports to Japan and China

    Minister Etchevehere said Argentina prides itself on the quality of its beef, and aims to carve out a significant portion of the Japanese market.

    Argentina is set to expand fresh beef exports to Asia, with Japan and China having already approved import deals, the country's agriculture minister said. Luis Miguel Etchevehere in Tokyo said that Argentina has signed a deal with the Japanese government under which Tokyo will authorize imports of fresh beef from Argentina by late July. His country has also inked a beef export agreement with Beijing.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 08:35 UTC

    Shipping emissions the greatest challenge to oil price hikes

    On January 1, 2020, the IMO will enforce new emissions standards designed to significantly curb pollution produced by the world's ships.

    The most prominent driver of oil prices over the next two years is not likely to come from OPEC, Iran or Venezuela, but rather in the shape of a shipping revolution, analysts have warned. New rules coming into force in approximately 18 months' time are seen as a source of great concern for some of the world's biggest oil producers.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 - 08:29 UTC

    New Zealand to cull 150.000 cows to eradicate outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis

    “The the pain and anguish they're going to go through is really hideous and we have to support them as neighbors”, said Katie Milne from Federated Farms

    New Zealand, which produces three percent of the world’s milk, announced this week its plan to cull about 150,000 cows to eradicate the disease Mycoplasma bovis. The largest mass animal slaughter in the country’s history will cost some US$ 612 million. If successful, it would be the first time an infected country has eliminated the disease-causing bacteria.