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Montevideo, May 23rd 2024 - 15:15 UTC


  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 21:28 UTC

    Argentine unions ratify May 9 general strike against Milei's policies

    When the measure was announced, Argentina “was bad and now it is worse,” Daer (L) explained besides Moyano

    Argentina's main unions insisted Wednesday during the Labor Day demonstrations that the plans for the May 9 general strike against President Javier Milei's economic reforms that are affecting people's purchase power were “not in doubt.” Healthcare workers union leader Héctor Daer, who co-chairs the General Labor Confederation (CGT), also explained that “We are going to go ahead with the struggle plan that we have been developing. When the measure was announced, Argentina ”was bad and now it is worse.”

  • Tuesday, April 30th 2024 - 23:02 UTC

    Argentina's Lower House okays extra powers to President Milei

    The bill will next go to the Senate, where Milei's LLA lacks the strength to get automatic approval and would therefore have to exert a fair amount of political muscle

    Argentina's Lower House Tuesday agreed to grant President Milei on a temporary basis certain decision-making powers originally reserved by the Constitution to the Legislative Branch, it was reported in Buenos Aires. The neverending Parliamentary session also decided in favor of the partial and full privatization of several state-owned companies, among other topics included in the so-called “Omnibus Law” bill -formally the Bases Law draft that Milei regards as the starting point of his “chainsaw” economic policies.

  • Tuesday, April 30th 2024 - 20:32 UTC

    Transport strike to paralyze Argentina in repudiation of taxation reforms

    Between 8 am and 11 am on May 6, simultaneous workers assemblies will be held, thus affecting the transport services, Schmid explained

    As President Javier Milei's chainsaw economic policies begin to take shape following the approval at the Lower House of a series of reforms, many of the sectors to be affected by these changes announced Tuesday in Buenos Aires a nationwide air, land, and maritime transport strike for May 6.

  • Tuesday, April 30th 2024 - 19:22 UTC

    Argentina: Milei's chainsaw policies underway after Lower House's nod

    Milei thanked all the legislators who supported “our project”

    The shaping up of Argentine President Javier Milei's “chainsaw” economic politics kicked off this week with the broad approval by Congress' Lower House of the so-called “Omnibus Law” bill, also known for its formal name as the Bases Law: “It is a fundamental step to get Argentina out of the swamp,” Milei stressed on social media. The Basic Law bill has ten titles totaling 25 chapters.

  • Tuesday, April 30th 2024 - 10:42 UTC

    USCG James arrives in Argentina for cooperation maneuvers

    Milei and his entourage donned Coast Guard jackets to the event

    Donning Coast Guard (PNA) jackets, Argentine President Javier Milei, Security Minister Patricia Bullrich (Security), and Presidential Secretary Karina Milei participated Monday in the ceremony welcoming the US Coast Guard cutter James (WMSL 754) to Buenos Aires for joint actions with local forces to prevent illegal fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the South Atlantic. The James will stay in Buenos Aires until Friday.

  • Monday, April 29th 2024 - 19:52 UTC

    JetSmart: Fate of Argentine national claiming to carry a bomb yet to be decided

    Paraguayan prosecutors might hand over the case to Argentine authorities given the aircraft's registration

    Paraguayan Prosecutors were still wondering Monday which course of action to take against the Argentine national who was arrested on Sunday when he claimed there was an explosive device in his luggage as he boarded a JetSmart flight bound for Buenos Aires.

  • Monday, April 29th 2024 - 14:45 UTC

    Negotiations for a Falklands third humanitarian project confirmed by UK ambassador in Argentina

    “I would call the humanitarian projects, basically the greatest achievement of our bilateral relation in recent years,” said British ambassador Kirsty Hayes

    Kirsty Hayes, British ambassador in Buenos Aires admitted that relations between Argentina and UK have been “complex”, and London has always made efforts to improve them, but ”there will be no sovereignty discussions on Falklands' sovereignty because what is most important is not our (British) perception or that of Argentina but the Falkland Islanders opinion.”

  • Monday, April 29th 2024 - 10:59 UTC

    Mondino seeking to soothe ties with China after Milei's campaign announcements

    Mondino is aware that Argentina needs the currency swap with China extended despite Milei's tantrums

    Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino is on a crusade in China to discuss bilateral issues with an economic giant with whom President Javier Milei had pledged during his campaign that he wanted no ties. “Not only will I not do business with China, I will not do business with any communist,” Milei announced repeatedly on his way to Casa Rosada.

  • Sunday, April 28th 2024 - 12:36 UTC

    Milei needs to change the course of his government, warns CFK

    ”What's the use of 60% of the votes if people then go hungry and do not make ends meet? CFK wondered

    Former two-time Argentine head of State Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK) made a rentrée under the limelight Saturday at the opening of the President Néstor Kirchner Stadium in Quilmes, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in her first public appearance since completing her first term as vice president on Dec. 9 last year. She seized the opportunity to criticize the Libertarian administration of Javier Milei for the unnecessary hardships imposed on the people.

  • Saturday, April 27th 2024 - 10:59 UTC

    Military presence “at the appropriate level to ensure the defense of the Falklands,” UK MoD

    British forces stationed at MPC include an infantry company, an air defense battery, four Typhoon fighter jets, and a patrol vessel from the Royal Navy.

    Following Argentina's purchase of US-made F-16 jets from Denmark, concerns were raised in Parliament to a Secretary of Defense regarding the UK's defense readiness in the South Atlantic, more precisely the Falkland Islands.