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  • Friday, July 19th 2019 - 09:57 UTC

    Falklands' government and fishing industry reject MLA Spink's 'breezy' Brexit

    Fortuna General Manager Mike Poole: ”Falklands-flagged fishing fleet is known as a quality operation that contributes to the high standard of the Red Ensign”

    The impact of Brexit on the Falkland Islands' fishing industry could be “significant” according to the fishing industry, contradicting lawmaker MLA Roger Spink’s view in last week's Penguin News that there were measures that could be undertaken to mitigate the impact of potential tariffs.

  • Saturday, September 16th 2017 - 08:12 UTC

    Falklands promotes the Weather Observation Website to improve forecasting

    MLA Michael Poole noted that “further improving weather forecasting in the Islands can be beneficial to a number of industries, particularly Agriculture”

    The Falkland Islands government is calling for individuals' weather observations to be uploaded to the Met Office system thus helping with improving forecasting and in formal weather modeling.

  • Thursday, August 10th 2017 - 07:09 UTC

    Falklands' hosts Montserrat top official as part of UK's Territory to Territory Partnership

    Mr Hogan said “Montserrat is very keen to further develop the T2T partnership that we have established, and it is important that we both visit each other’s islands”

    A leading Montserrat official is visiting the Falkland Islands for a week as part of a Territory to Territory partnership initiative between the two islands that was initiated last year. The Caribbean island British Overseas Territory Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing, and Environment, Claude E.S. Hogan arrived on the Falklands on the 7th August 2017.

  • Tuesday, June 20th 2017 - 21:24 UTC

    The Falklands: 35 Years of Progress opens today at the A&D Gallery

    The exhibition will run from Tuesday 20th June until Saturday 24th June at the A & D Gallery

    “The Falklands: 35 Years of Progress” is the second photographic exhibition held by the Falkland Islands Government, and is an exhibition with a difference. The photographs were crowd-sourced by the Falkland Islands Government, which ran a competition to find the very best pictures from the Islands’ many skilled photographers.

  • Wednesday, October 19th 2016 - 22:09 UTC

    Eccentricity: Falklands' budget surpluses under-forecasting triggers lively debate

    Chief Executive Barry Rowland said he would examine the budget process in detail and MLA Poole’s points would be taken into consideration then.

    While in the rest of the world, budget shortfalls and downplayed soaring deficits are the norm, a lively discussion ensued at this week’s Falkland Islands Standing Finance Committee when MLA Michael Poole suggested the forecasting process needed revising when most years a deficit was forecast, but then resulted in a surplus.

  • Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 21:02 UTC

    Falklands mine clearance project receives a new £20m UK commitment

    MLA Mike Poole said UK commitment's to clear the Islands of mines is ”a welcome move and we remain willing to assist practically and logistically where we can.”

    The Falkland Islands Government, FIG, and Falkland Islanders have welcomed the announcement of a new £20m landmine clearance commitment by the UK which will make safe dozens of areas which have been unusable for residents and visitors. The project financed by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defense will clear 46 minefields over the next two years and prepare for clearance another 27. So far more than 30 minefields have been cleared in the Falklands in recent years and this is in line with the UK obligations under the Ottawa Treaty.

  • Friday, August 26th 2016 - 08:13 UTC

    Falklands and Montserrat sign marine spatial environment partnership accord

    Strong partnerships with other OTs and with the JNCC “have led to the exciting initiative ‘T2T’ sharing skills knowledge and expertise”, affirmed MLA Poole

    UK Overseas Territories governments of the Falkland Islands and Montserrat have signed an agreement that facilitates a Territory to Territory partnership with the purpose of transferring knowledge and skills from the South Atlantic and the Caribbean. The skills and knowledge transfer will focus on information management and marine spatial planning.