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Montevideo, March 28th 2023 - 05:37 UTC

Tag: Stanley Growers

  • Saturday, March 2nd 2019 - 05:05 UTC

    Falklands' most productive half acre and vegans' organic dream

    Stanley Growers' Tim Miller explained a number of people who had come to the Garden Centre had shown an interest in the source of their fresh produce

    Tucked way under the hill and half hidden by 10,000 young trees it’s easy to forget how vast the area is covered by Stanley Growers Ltd. in the Falkland Islands, to the east of the capital Stanley.

  • Friday, October 21st 2016 - 14:20 UTC

    Falklands in short supply of fresh produce, because of changes in Chilean Customs procedures

    Miller emphasized the system had worked well for 20 years, but if the new system remains, it will be impossible to bring fresh produce from Chile.

    Falkland Islanders has been warned that fresh produce may be in short supply for some time to come due to changes in the Chilean Customs' procedures. Stanley Growers owner Tim Miller said that a large order for fruit and vegetables was not shipped from Santiago last week, as Customs officials at Punta Arenas insisted for the first time that LATAM airline provide them, in advance, with exact weight and contents of the cargo.

  • Saturday, August 13th 2016 - 09:26 UTC

    Falklands' fresh produce high prices blamed on Montevideo's port charges and fees

    Montevideo port costs add 75-100%, “on top of actual SAAS (shipper) freight costs. In UK similar operations add a mere 20% to the SAAS freight cost” said Miller.

    Uruguayan port charges and fees from port operators and shipping agents are the cause of fresh produce being so expensive in the Falkland Islands, Stanley Nurseries Tim Miller told Penguin News this week. Montevideo port costs add 75-100%, “on top of actual SAAS (shipper) freight costs. In UK similar operations add a mere 20% to the SAAS freight cost said Mr. Miller.

  • Saturday, July 11th 2015 - 06:45 UTC

    Keeping Falklands pristine: waste fuels and oil recycled into energy

    Miller at the oil yard depot and the IBC's. A four ton oil tank currently being pumped comes from the current Noble Energy Humpback exploration drill.

    The Falkland Islands have been for many years utilizing waste fuels and oil for energy from a variety of different sources and now the oil companies operating in the Falklands, having complied with all the safety regulations on storage and handling, are also contributing to the local 'processing' industry managed by Tim Miller and his greenhouse fresh vegetables enterprise.

  • Monday, April 25th 2011 - 18:59 UTC

    Falklands’ market garden approaches 25th anniversary against all odds

    Tim Miller unloading produce at Stanley Growers Market Garden

    Almost twenty five years after its inception, and despite setbacks primarily brought about by Falklands/Argentine politics, the bustling market garden, Stanley Growers, on East Falkland Islands, now prides itself on being in the top three countries in the cruise ship catering world for the quality of its produce.