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Montevideo, April 21st 2024 - 21:42 UTC

Tag: Victoria Villarruel

  • Friday, April 19th 2024 - 10:46 UTC

    Argentine Senate passes scandalous wage hike

    “I am not a Senator and can do nothing to stop it,” Vice President Villarruel argued

    Argentina's Senate Thursday agreed on a substantial wage increase for the Upper House which stirred controversies as the country grapples to make ends meet. The decision was reached after zero debate and Senators were also asked to raise their hands if they validated the motion. Many then insisted on social media that they were not among the ones approving the scandalous hike.

  • Wednesday, April 3rd 2024 - 10:32 UTC

    Milei and Villarruel embrace next at the Cenotaph

    Milei and Villarruel embrace next at the Cenotaph

    Taking advantage of the commemoration to honor the Heroes of Malvinas, Milei stressed the importance of a strong and prosperous economy, based on the concept of freedom to produce and trade and thus respected internationally, as the basis for ensuring that claims over the Malvinas sovereignty will be taken seriously, and with prospects of advancing. He said that a leadership that for decades only produced more poor people and made Argentina a serial defaulter, had no chances of being listened or considered.

  • Tuesday, April 2nd 2024 - 23:58 UTC

    Argentina: Milei calls for reconciliation with Armed Forces at Malvinas tribute

    The President's remarks also touched upon economic and geopolitical considerations, emphasizing the need for a prosperous economy and a capable defense force to assert Argentina's sovereignty claims

    President Javier Milei, along with Vice President Victoria Villarruel, led a solemn tribute to the fallen of the Falklands/Malvinas War on the 42nd anniversary of the conflict. In an emotional move, Milei called for a new era of reconciliation with Argentina's armed forces, emphasizing their role in the nation's history and sovereignty, despite criticism from various civilian sectors about their role during the last military dictatorship (1976-1983).

  • Tuesday, April 2nd 2024 - 22:40 UTC

    Argentina needs strong economy to be heard regarding Malvinas, Milei says

    “Nobody listens to or respects a country that only produces poverty and whose politicians despise their own forces,” Milei argued

    Argentine President Javier Milei claimed that Argentina's claim over the Malvinas Islands has not been heard internationally given the country's poor management and economic back-to-back failures. He made those remarks Tuesday during the main event marking the 42nd anniversary of the military landing that triggered the 1982 South Atlantic war with the United Kingdom over the Falkland/Malvinas Islands.

  • Monday, April 1st 2024 - 23:01 UTC

    Ceremonies in Buenos Aires on the Day of the Malvinas Veteran and the Fallen in combat

    The cenotaph at Plaza San Martin which honors the 649 Argentines fallen in combat during the Falklands conflict.

    April 2nd is a very special day in the Argentine calendar, a national holiday, which recalls the Falklands conflict, (when the Argentine military landed and occupied the Islands that day in 1982) and is remembered as the “Day of the Malvinas Veteran and the Fallen in combat”.

  • Monday, March 25th 2024 - 08:32 UTC

    Argentina commemorates 1976 coup under gov't prone to siding with the military

    Kicillof said that Sunday's march was “one of the most important marches since the return of democracy.”

    Thousands of Argentines marched through Buenos Aires' iconic Plaza de Mayo on Sunday to commemorate another anniversary of the March 24, 1976 coup by the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla against the democratic government of María Estela Martínez de Perón.

  • Saturday, March 23rd 2024 - 15:15 UTC

    Vice-president Villarruel, April 2nd Malvinas parade cancelled: too onerous

    Villarruel: April 2nd celebration...  she replied, “we wanted to organize it, but it is too onerous for the Senate”

    Argentine Vice-president Victoria Villarruel announced there will be no military parade next April 2nd. to commemorate the beginning of the 42nd anniversary of “the Malvinas historic deed before Congress, since it would represent a too high cost” in Argentina's current circumstances.

  • Friday, March 22nd 2024 - 09:27 UTC

    Argentine VP against involving armed forces to fight drug gangs

    With President Milei we complement each other, Villarruel told TN

    Argentine Vice President Victoria Villarruel spoke against involving the Armed Forces in the fight against crime and defended the need to increase the wages of Senators to cope with the country's rampant inflation. She made those remarks during her first TV interview since taking office on Dec. 10.

  • Wednesday, March 20th 2024 - 13:04 UTC

    A Malvinas April 2nd parade in front of Argentine Congress

    Victoria Villarruel, a member of the 'military family' and a 'Malvinera'

    Argentine vice president Victoria Villarruel is planning a great parade of Malvinas Veterans in front of the Congress building in Buenos Aires, not necessarily to glorify war and military actions, but to vindicate the thousands of Argentine conscripts that were sent to invade and occupy the Falkland Islands, and after the mission's defeat had to return in disgrace, hidden by their officers, and only years later were given some sort of compensations, although abundant garrulous oral praise. The parade would take place on April 2nd, the 42nd anniversary of the Falklands invasion by Argentine forces.

  • Tuesday, March 19th 2024 - 10:59 UTC

    Milei and Villarruel together at event marking anniversary of Israeli Embassy bombing

    Milei gave no speech during the event

    President Javier Milei and Vice President Victoria Villarruel were seen together Monday at the ceremony marking the 32nd anniversary of the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires after they were reported to be at odds following the Senate's rejection of the head of state's most-encompassing emergency decree (DNU) 70/2023 last week. They reportedly held a confidential meeting at Olivos Residence to lower tensions.