Friday, January 9th 2009 - 20:00 UTC

UK expedition to study hot water vents in Antarctica

United Kingdom scientists are set to be the first to investigate in detail the creatures living around hot water vents surrounding Antarctica. The team is scheduled to join the British Antarctic Survey's research ship the RRS James Clark Ross in Puenta Arenas, Chile.

Wednesday, January 7th 2009 - 20:00 UTC

On his last days Bush turns advocate of maritime monuments

A vast swathe of the Pacific, including an area near New Zealand territory, has been declared part of a United States national maritime monument. President George Bush, in the dying days of his administration, made the startling declaration by saying in the White House “we're fixing to do some fabulous policy”.

Monday, January 5th 2009 - 20:00 UTC

Japan calls for no re-fueling of whaling activists' vessels

Japanese whalers are pressing for Australian and New Zealand authorities to refuse port entry to Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activists “terrorist ship” when they return from the Antarctic to refuel.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

EU compromise on fishing quotas and reduced discard nets

EU ministers agreed this week to a 30% increase in next year's fishing quota for North Sea cod, but will reduce catches for several other species. The quotas are a compromise between environmental groups, who say some fish stocks are on the verge of collapse, and fishermen who fear for their jobs.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

EU begins annual round of fish quotas and discards

European Union fisheries ministers have begun an annual round of talks to decide the quantities of fish which can be caught from Europe's seas in 2009. The ministers, under pressure from environmentalists, are considering changes that could limit discards - the practice of throwing fish overboard.

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

China's annual fish farm production: 48.9 million tons

China's fisheries industry expects to end the year with stable growth and fish farm production increasing 3% over the last twelve months, according to an official report released on Tuesday in Beijing from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Argentina Playboy bunny campaigns for whales in Chile

Argentine top model Vanesa Carbone cat-walked topless in front of the Japanese embassy in Santiago de Chile to protest Japan's indiscriminate whale hunting and the use of animal skins in human clothing.

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Export financing and incentives for Argentine fisheries

Pte. CFK during Mar del Plata  announcements

Argentina announced an 80 million US dollars support plan for the fishing industry to help pre finance exports with a special credit line from Banco Nacion which acts as a development bank.

Monday, December 1st 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Japan imports whale meat from Iceland; first time in 17 years

Japan has bought whale meat from Iceland, the first time in 17 years it has imported the banned meat, according to a Saturday report from Kyodo News agency.

Sunday, November 30th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Tasmania claims the lives of 150 stranded pilot whales

The rugged coast of western Tasmania in Australia claimed the lives of another 150 whales at the weekend when they stranded themselves on craggy rocks near Sandy Cape. The long-finned pilot whales were spotted on Saturday morning and were already badly injured by the time rescue crews and locals reached them.


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