Friday, February 1st 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Australia/Japan summit to address whaling dispute

Australia's Foreign Affairs minister Stephen Smith warned Friday of tougher action to stop Japan whaling, despite calls for calm from both sides over the increasingly emotive dispute.

Wednesday, January 30th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Corruption in fishing industry rampant, study says

Carl Gustaf Lundin, head of IUCN marine programme, says 'the large-scale occurrence of corruption adds insult to injury'. (Photo FIS)

Rising demand and diminishing fish stocks are leading to increasing corruption in the fishing industry, a recent study by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declares.

Wednesday, January 30th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Chilean fish exports reach U$S 3.5 billion in eleven months

Chilean fish and aquaculture exports totaled 3.5 billion US dollars between January and November 2007, up 6.5% over the same period a year ago (3.3 billion) according to the latest data released the Fisheries Sub-secretariat (SUBPESCA).

Tuesday, January 29th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Japan's Coast Guard protection for south sea whaling fleet

Japanese coast guards'  vessel

Japan's coast guard said Tuesday it has sent a team of officers to protect its whaling fleet against intensifying protests by environmentalists. The whalers have repeatedly clashed with environmentalists in Antarctic waters and halted the hunt two weeks ago.

Monday, January 28th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Uruguay: Shellfish ban lifted in Maldonado and Rocha

Officials lifted a shellfish ban  as water samples tested negative for red tide

The National Directorate of Aquatic Resources (DINARA) on Friday lifted the ban on bivalve mollusc fishing, trade and transportation in the departments of Maldonado and Rocha after tests indicated the area was newly free of the red tide bloom.

Monday, January 28th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Chile behind Norway as world's leading salmon producers

According to recently released industry data, Chile maintained its status as the world's second largest famed salmon-producer in 2007, although salmon production decreased by about three percent from 2006.

Sunday, January 27th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

No licence to krill trawl creates new partnerships

Five Norwegian companies, presently unlicenced to trawl for krill in Antarctica, have had their requests to do so turned down by the Norwegian Directorare of Fisheries. The five companies locked out of said fishing are Andre VÃÂ¥gsholm, Henning Veibust, Norway Krill Company Ltd, Olympic/Stig Invest and the Fish Group of Norway.

Sunday, January 27th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Less hake volume and lower squid prices hit Argentine exports

Argentina fisheries exports dropped in volume and value in 2007 according to the latest release from the country's Nacional Food Safety and Quality Service (SENASA). Exports totaled 505.794 tons of fish and shellfish valued 1,027 billion US dollars which is 13% and 14% below 2006.

Sunday, January 27th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

South Georgia icefish fishery seeks certification

A South Georgia fishery has become the 50th fishery currently undergoing public full assessment under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

Thursday, January 17th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Whalers hand militant conservationists to Australian officials

Crew of the Japanese whaling vessel  spray water at activists

Japanese whalers are praising the Australian government for its help to resolve a stand-off with militant conservationists in Antarctic waters. The whalers handed over the Australian and British protesters to Australian officials overnight


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