Wednesday, August 1st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Santa Cruz fishing conflict dead locked; Spain concerned

The fishing industry conflict in Patagonia's Puerto Deseado where striking workers torched six processing plants and has ceased all activities in the sector for almost a month is far from a solution and could further escalate, warn local authorities.

Wednesday, August 1st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Chile fisheries exports in first five months total 1.7 billion

Chilean fishery exports in the first five months of 2007 generated 1,707 billion US dollars, up 21.3% compared to the same period in 2006, when returns totaled 1,407 billion, according to the latest release from the Fisheries Sub Secretariat, SUBPESCA.

Wednesday, July 25th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Argentine half year fisheries exports drop 17% in volume

Argentina exported 270,558 tons of fish and shellfish equivalents to 517.5 million US dollars during the first half of 2007. This represents a 17% drop in volume and 8% in value, compared to the same period last year, reported the National Food Safety and Quality Service (SENASA).

Tuesday, July 24th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Falkland Islands: Record harvest in Illex squid fishery

A catch of 161,500 tonnes of <i>Illex</i> was recorded this season.

Wide fluctuations in Falkland Illex squid numbers in the last 20 years have been linked to an increased environmental variability in the Southwest Atlantic along with heavy commercial fishing.

Sunday, July 22nd 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Striking fishermen in Patagonia agree truce until Wednesday

“We must restore social peace” said Gov. Peralta

Striking fishermen in Patagonia who caused considerable damage to several processing plants which they torched last Friday accepted mediation in the conflict from the provincial government of Santa Cruz.

Saturday, July 21st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Rampaging fishermen set six plants on fire in Santa Cruz

Six plants on fire in Pto. Deseado

Striking Argentine fishermen in Patagonia rampaged and set on fire property and vehicles belonging to several of the companies in conflict, two of them Spanish. The serious incident took place in Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz province, 520 kilometers from where President Nestor Kirchner and his candidate wife were on an official event.

Thursday, July 19th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Sea trials for Comodoro Rivadavia bio-fuel powered fishing vessel

Great expectations are riding on this first experience in which a shrimp vessel based in Chubut participates

The first fishing vessel powered with bio-fuel, a mix of micro Patagonian algae with hake and squid residue, set to sea from Comodoro Rivadavia this week reports the Argentine press.

Thursday, July 19th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Salmon sea lice “Caligus” outbreak confirmed in Chilean farms

Chile's government has acknowledged for the first time that sea lice &ndash; parasitic crustaceans that affect both wild and farmed fish &ndash; are causing serious problems for the country's lucrative farmed salmon industry.

Thursday, July 19th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Shocking results from albatross survey at Bird Islands

Adult wanderer with a hook through its eye socket

DESPITE the achievements of the well managed South Georgia longline fishery, which has succeeded in reducing mortality of seabirds to almost zero, a new diet sampling programme at Bird Island has highlighted the shocking extent of longline hook ingestion by wandering albatrosses.

Tuesday, July 17th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

Argentina tightens controls on squid fishery companies

Taking advantage of the abundance of squid, in spite of poor international prices, Argentina has decided to implement stricter controls on companies involved in the squid fisheries.


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