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Stories for January 25th 2018

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 10:50 UTC

    Electoral retaliation in Venezuela

    “If someday the circumstance of taking up arms comes, we would do it. I would not shake my pulse to summon him. ”Maduro added after supporting the announcement of the Constituent Assembly.

    The elections are not ordered or decreed, they are called. And is that the Venezuelan regime, with this new nonsense, does nothing but reveal the murder, not only of people who think differently in such atrocious ways as executing them extrajudicially -with a complete army against half dozen of people- to silence and chastise, but also murder of fundamental democratic and republican principles while trampling the country's constitution.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 10:06 UTC

    EU leaders warn on nationalism and call for global cooperation ahead of Trump's speech

    Macron spoke for a full hour, and called for a “global compact” to address the economic forces that have led to rising inequality and a surge in populism.

    European leaders warned at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday against a return to nationalism, with France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel calling for more global cooperation to harness the forces of globalization.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 10:03 UTC

    Treasury Secretary tells Davos US welcomes a weakening dollar

    Mnuchin’s comments provided fresh trigger for dollar selling and raised questions if a weaker US currency could provide a long-term impetus for the economy.

    The U.S. dollar extended its recent rout to hit three-year lows on Wednesday after U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he welcomed a weakening in the dollar. Fears of protectionist trade policies by the United States had already pushed the greenback to a three-year low, and Mnuchin’s remark at the annual Davos summit of business and political leaders pushed it down further.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:53 UTC

    Argentine economy expanded 3.9% in November over a year ago

    The central bank cut its policy rate to 27.25% on Tuesday from 28% previously, the second straight cut since the government relaxed its inflation target.

    The economic activity index in Argentina, a proxy for the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), rose 3.9% in November from a year before - decelerating from October, when the index posted an annual rise of 5.2%.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:47 UTC

    Macri meets EU leaders in Davos; Argentina sells research reactor to Holland

    President Macri with First Lady Awada and Netherlands queen Maxima

    Argentine president Mauricio Macri held on Wednesday a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the framework of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in which they discussed German investments in Argentina through Private-Public Partnership (PPP).

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:42 UTC

    Enap Sipetrol acquires offshore block at the Austral basin, Santa Cruz province

    Enap Sipetrol has been operating in the Austral Basin for 26 years and recently was awarded the on shore El Turbio Este block, to the east of Santa Cruz province.

    Chile's Enap Sipetrol has acquired an offshore block, Octans Pegaso, on the Argentine continental shelf off the coast of Patagonia province of Santa Cruz. The block covers 886 square kilometers and is 20kms off Santa Cruz coast at its closest point to land. It was purchased from the consortium made up of Total Austral (35%), Wintershall (35%) and ENI (30%).

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:30 UTC

    Commercial fishing by-catch exposure controversy in New Zealand

    The fisheries don't deny there is by-catch and endangered animals do fall victim, but what should happen to the footage from these cameras has generated a debate

    New Zealand's fishing industry has found itself at odds with conservationists over whether or not the public should be allowed to see the realities of commercial fishing. In the waters around New Zealand - as many countries - animals including sea birds, dolphins, penguins and sea lions are routinely ending up in commercial fishing nets along with the intended catch.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:22 UTC

    Shark conservation charities benefit from Trump's confessed phobia

    The US president's dislike for the marine animal was revealed last week in an In Touch Weekly interview with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Image: Democratic Underground

    Donald Trump's alleged hatred of sharks has inspired people to financially support international shark charities. The US president's dislike for the marine animal was revealed last week in an In Touch Weekly interview with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:16 UTC

    The US tourism industry is suffering from the “Trump slump”

    The US “Trump slump”, points to the president's America First rhetoric and anti-immigrant comments, as well as tighter visa rules for some countries

    Travel to the US is falling, a decline some in the tourism industry blame on US President Donald Trump. The number of international visitors fell by 4% in the first seven months of 2017, according to the US National Travel & Tourism Office and the trend occurred across all regions, with Africa and the Middle East reporting some of the most dramatic declines.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 09:13 UTC

    Falklands will cease to accept the old UK £10 note on Monday 30 April 2018

    The new UK £10 note is easily distinguishable as Jane Austen is now replacing Charles Darwin on the back.

    The Bank of England has recently introduced a new, more secure UK £10 banknote. The phasing out of the old UK £10 note will take effect in the Falklands as well.

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