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Stories for April 8th 2023

  • Saturday, April 8th 2023 - 10:28 UTC

    Ukraine tells Lula “thanks but no thanks”

    “The full and entire sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the UN charter,” must be respected, Nikolenko insisted

    Despite Brazilian President Luiz Inàcio Lula da Silva's efforts to come up with a peace plan for the ongoing war in Europe, Ukraine replied Friday that it will not give up Crimea, a peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, in exchange for the end of the conflict, something which the South American leader had suggested as a possible course of action.

  • Saturday, April 8th 2023 - 10:17 UTC

    Chilean Gov't to create a Security Ministry?

    The key thing is to legislate well, Mirosevic explained

    Chile's Interior Minister Carolina Tohá held a meeting Friday with the Speakers of both Houses of Congress to discuss concrete measures in the aftermath of the slain of three police officers. Senate Speaker Juan Antonio Coloma spoke of “a powerful effort by all” ahead as agreements between the Executive and the Legislature are to be reached. In addition to Lower House Speaker Vlado Mirosevic, the meeting was also attended by Justice Minister Luis Cordero.

  • Saturday, April 8th 2023 - 10:13 UTC

    Brazil's return to Unasur announced

    Lula's decree will become effective May 6

    Brazil's government announced the return of South America's largest country to the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) through a Presidential Decree from President Luiz Inàcio Lula da Silva published Friday in the Official Gazette to become effective in 30 days.

  • Saturday, April 8th 2023 - 10:13 UTC

    Argentina: inflation projections take turn for the worse

    The Central Bank's survey showed inflation will not fall below 6% monthly, at least until September

    Leading Argentine economists foresee the country's inflation in 2023 might reach 110%, a 10.2 % increase from previous projections, it was explained in Buenos Aires. The projection thus reached three digits for the first time since the REM was implemented.

  • Saturday, April 8th 2023 - 10:11 UTC

    Uruguay's Health Minister worried about travelers bringing home dengue

    “We have to take care of ourselves,” Rando said

    Uruguayan health authorities have issued a series of recommendations to nationals of the South American country traveling abroad, particularly to Argentina, for the Easter Weekend due to a surge in the number of dengue cases detected in the neighboring nation. Health Minister Karina Rando stressed that those returning from that country and from Brazil should be attentive to possible symptoms for 10 or 12 days.