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Montevideo, July 19th 2019 - 06:35 UTC


  • Saturday, December 29th 2018 - 08:34 UTC

    Argentina's 2019 TACs for hoki, blue whiting, Patagonian toothfish and hake

    INIDEP assessment survey was used to establish hoki, blue whiting, Patagonian toothfish and  common hake 2019 TACs

    Argentina's Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) set the total allowable catches (TACs) for hoki, Southern blue whiting, Patagonian toothfish and common hake for the year 2019. The new TACs were set on the basis of the results of the stock assessments carried out by the National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP).

  • Wednesday, August 22nd 2018 - 08:30 UTC

    Patagonian toothfish sampling project in Argentina/Uruguay Common Fishing Zone

    A special pistol imported from Australia will be used to mark specimens of Patagonian toothfish, and thus follow their migratory movements

    A genetic exploration and sampling project of the Patagonian toothfish in the Argentine-Uruguayan Common Fishing Zone (ZCPAU).has been launched. The project, developed by the company Argenova with its longliner Argenova XIV is being done with the participation of scientists from Argentina's National Institue of Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP) and with the Estremar company.

  • Saturday, October 7th 2017 - 19:43 UTC

    Patagonian king crab spawns and develops in lab conditions in Argentina

    King crab is a benthic crustacean distributed in cold waters of subantarctic origin along the South Atlantic from the Falklands and Tierra del Fuego, to south Brazil.

    Argentina's National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP), with the Benthic Crustacean Fishery Subprogram, successfully registered the transportation from Ushuaia to Mar del Plata of king crab females with eggs and their subsequent spawning in laboratory conditions.

  • Thursday, December 3rd 2015 - 07:48 UTC

    Argentina will have a state of the art fisheries research vessel in 2017

    Dr. Wöhler underlined that the sound proof issue was repeatedly discussed and the main reason for having the vessel built in Spain and not in Argentina

    Argentina's Fisheries Research and Development Institute, INIDEP, has signed the contract for the construction of a new fisheries and oceanographic research vessel to be built at the Armon shipyard in Vigo, Spain. The financing for the vessel and refurbishing of INIDEP's offices and labs comes from the Inter-American Development bank with a 30m dollars loan.

  • Wednesday, August 26th 2015 - 06:21 UTC

    INIDEP to build a research branch in Santa Cruz province

    The ceremony included Santa Cruz governor Daniel Peralta, members of his ministerial cabinet and Raul Reta in representation of INIDEP.

    Argentina's Fisheries Research and Development Institute, INIDEP will set up a branch in Caleta Oliva, Santa Cruz province, which is to be financed with matching funds from the Inter American Development bank and the Argentine government.

  • Monday, December 22nd 2014 - 20:45 UTC

    Argentina: Jigger owners request to start squid season earlier

    Jiggers flleet in Mar del Plata

    The Chamber of Jigger Owners from Argentina (CAPA) has requested the Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) the anticipated start of the squid (Illex argentinus) season in 2015.

  • Thursday, December 18th 2014 - 02:34 UTC

    South Atlantic: “Fewer catches as illex squid season ends”

    The Argentine jigging fleet captured nearly 150,000 tonnes of squid (Illex argentinus) in South Atlantic waters during the season that took place between 24 January and 31 August this year, according to a technical report issued by the National Institute for Fishing Research and Development (INIDEP).

  • Wednesday, April 30th 2014 - 03:22 UTC

    Argentina's “Blue Pampa” project to research and develop South Atlantic resources

    South Georgia waters is one of the targets as well as Antarctic waters

    The recently launched “Blue Pampa” project is a ten-year 'strategic initiative' with the purpose of researching South Atlantic resources in five different areas to ensure conservation and management, plus reinforce Argentine sovereignty with inter-disciplinary campaigns and inter-ministerial support, according to Argentina's Science, Technology and Productive Innovation ministry.

  • Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 00:13 UTC

    NASA solves the mystery of a “city of lights” in the South Atlantic night: jiggers

    Over the course of nine nights, jiggers shift positions while hugging the borders of  EEZs of Argentina and the Falkland Islands. (Map by NASA Earth Observatory)

    When in December 2012, the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center and the NASA Earth Observatory released a new map of the Earth as it appears at night they “found something fishy off the coast of Argentina” but now the mystery has been solved. About 300 to 500 kilometers offshore, a city of light appeared in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. There are no human settlements there, nor fires or gas wells. But there are an awful lot of fishing boats.

  • Monday, September 30th 2013 - 16:52 UTC

    Argentine flagged vessels catch of Illex squid totaled 186.969 tons, says Inidep

    Argentine jiggers catch was 156.163 tons from Jan first to 31 August

    A report from Argentina’s INIDEP (fisheries research institute) presented to the Fisheries Federal Council last week indicates that during 2013 Illex squid catches totalled 434.561 tons of which 156.163 were landed by 66 Argentine jiggers. The report identified as Number 20, refers to the first 35 weeks of this year, (1 to 35) and includes Argentine waters and outside Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone, ZEEA.

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