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Montevideo, September 27th 2021 - 14:01 UTC

Tag: US dollar

  • Saturday, September 11th 2021 - 04:55 UTC

    Inflation in Chile reached 3,2% in eight months and the US dollar 794 Pesos

    Market analysts expect the US dollar to reach 800 Chilean Pesos if the fourth withdrawal of pension funds is finally approved

    The Consumer Prices Index, CPI, in Chile climbed 0,4% during August totaling 3,2% so far this year and 4,8% in the last twelve months, according to the country's stats office. It is the highest since January 2016, and the tendency is to continue increasing, as had been anticipated by the Central Bank. Likewise with the US dollar.

  • Saturday, May 1st 2021 - 08:04 UTC

    US dollar stays on a slump in Uruguay

    This is the longest streak of losses since December 2019

    The US dollar kept its downward trend against the Uruguayan peso Friday, closing at US $ 1 = UR $ 43.8 for interbank operations, it was reported. In Brazil, the exchange rate fell 0.7% Friday and stood at 5.44 R$ per dollar.

  • Thursday, September 17th 2020 - 09:30 UTC

    Argentina tightens currency controls, helping the US dollar climb to a new record

    Access to dollars for the purpose of paying off foreign credit card debt and for purpose of saving in a stable currency will be taxed at 35%

    Argentina's peso currency plunged further into record low territory after the central bank tightened currency controls. The peso opened almost 0.1% weaker at 75.25 per U.S. dollar, traders said, and the country risk rose 38 basis points to 1,157. The black market peso or blue dollar plummeted 9.7% to open at a new all-time low 145 per U.S. dollar.

  • Saturday, July 18th 2020 - 09:05 UTC

    Cuba devalues its currency and makes the US dollar legal tender for shopping

    Economy Minister Alejandro Gil termed measures necessary to face an “exceptional situation,” during an evening broadcast on state television.

    Cuba said this week it will allow some stores to sell food, personal hygiene and other consumer goods in U.S. dollars and will eliminate a 10% tax on the greenback, an effort to rake in more hard currency to purchase goods abroad.

  • Thursday, April 23rd 2020 - 08:46 UTC

    The Short-term Liquidity Line: A New IMF Tool to Help in the Crisis

    SLL is designed to address a special balance-of-payments need, potential, moderate, and short-term—reflected in capital account pressures following external shocks.

    By Geoffrey Okamoto – The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the global economy at every level. Across the world, financial conditions have tightened dramatically, with unprecedented portfolio outflows from emerging markets in terms of both size (a record of about US$100 billion) and speed, and markets effectively frozen in some cases. This has created sizable demand for U.S. dollar liquidity, with emerging markets facing sharp liquidity shortages.

  • Tuesday, April 7th 2020 - 07:50 UTC

    COVID-19 hits hard US economy, with millions of jobs lost, but the dollar remains king

    The dollar's rise is due to its privileged position as the world's reserve currency. That means that in times of crisis investors want to put their money in safe havens

    The COVID-19 outbreak in the United States has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and brought the economy to its knees but it has not dethroned the American dollar. On the contrary, the currency has risen in value this year, gaining six percent from its lowest point reached in early March, according to the US dollar index, which measures the greenback's value against a basket of other currencies.

  • Friday, March 6th 2020 - 11:00 UTC

    “If I mess up”, the US dollar could reach 5 Real, admits Brazil's minister Guedes

    “If I really mess up, it can reach that level” of 5 per dollar, Guedes told journalists. “If I do a lot of things right, it will strengthen.”

    Brazil’s economy minister blamed the Real’s slide to an all-time low on the coronavirus outbreak and said the currency could weaken to as much as 5 per dollar if he “messes up.” Paulo Guedes said the Real is weakening largely due to the economic impact of the epidemic, rather than a change in the country’s risk perception.

  • Thursday, February 20th 2020 - 18:14 UTC

    Brazilian currency again slips to a record low against the US dollar

    Traders cited the central bank’s apparent reluctance to repeat last week’s intervention to ease the pressure and deteriorating economic outlook

    Brazil’s real posted a record low close against the dollar for a second straight day on Wednesday, after earlier sliding to within less than one centavo of its weakest-ever level as the weight of selling pressure built up on several fronts.

  • Wednesday, November 20th 2019 - 09:55 UTC

    Brazil's Real depreciating against the US dollar, but inflation remains below target

    Central bank chief, Roberto Campos Neto, said the exchange rate was not fueling inflation or inflation expectations, indicating that intervention was not imminent.

    Brazil’s Real is sliding toward an all-time low against the U.S. dollar, but the central bank appears in no rush to intervene to slow or even reverse the fall. Despite the Real’s historical weakness, the market is functioning smoothly: depreciation, so far, has been fairly orderly, volatility is low, liquidity has not dried up, and the Real is not the only emerging market currency under pressure.

  • Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 - 12:12 UTC

    How has the US-China trade war affected forex?

    The US has slapped tariffs on Chinese exports such as steel, light machinery, and appliances, whilst China has retaliated by imposing tariffs on virtually all American-made products. Image: Pixabay

    There are many factors that affect the value of currencies and influence the flow of foreign exchange, but few have a more significant impact than a trade war.