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Montevideo, March 26th 2023 - 02:29 UTC


  • Tuesday, November 8th 2022 - 08:51 UTC

    Commercial flights resumed between Caracas and Bogota

    A Turpial Boeing 737-400 carrying 50 passengers landed Monday night in Bogotá

    A Turpial Boeing 737-400 from Caracas landed in Bogota's Eldorado International airport late Monday, thus marking the resumption of air connectivity between Venezuela and Colombia following the return to full diplomatic ties.

  • Tuesday, November 8th 2022 - 03:51 UTC

    Macron and Maduro bump into each other at COP27

    Macron told Maduro he would be calling him for further talks

    Presidents Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and Emmanuel Macron of France held a conversation on the sidelines of the COP27 Climate Summit at the Egyptian Red Sea por of Sharm l-Sheikh during which they agreed to work together toward mutual environmental goals.

  • Monday, November 7th 2022 - 07:57 UTC

    Maduro lands in Sharm El-Sheikh

    “It seems that we are entering an irreversible stage of the damages caused by climate change,” Maduro said

    Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro, who rarely travels abroad except to friendly countries, Sunday landed at the Egyptian port city of Sharm el-Sheikh to participate in the COP27 Climate Summit.

  • Friday, November 4th 2022 - 10:22 UTC

    Venezuela announces return to Andean Community of Nations

    It is the right time, Maduro argued

    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Thursday announced his administration's plan to rejoin the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), a subject he had discussed earlier this week with his Colombian colleague Gustavo Petro.

  • Wednesday, November 2nd 2022 - 10:12 UTC

    Petro and Maduro sign joint declaration, pledge to work together

    Petro and Maduro met privately for over two hours at the Miraflores presidential palace

    The Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela Tuesday signed a joint declaration in Caracas after their meeting marking the beginning of a new stage in bilateral ties.

  • Tuesday, November 1st 2022 - 10:01 UTC

    Expectation mounts over Petro-Maduro meeting in Caracas

    Diplomatic ties had been cut since then-Colombian President Iván Duque recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as Venezuela's acting president

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro and his Venezuelan colleague Nicolás Maduro are to meet Tuesday in Caracas to discuss the evolution of bilateral ties after diplomatic relations between the two countries were restored following Petro's inauguration.

  • Wednesday, October 26th 2022 - 08:39 UTC

    US requests confiscation of Emtrasur's 747

    A District of Columbia Court Tuesday filed a request before Argentine authorities to confiscate the Venezuelan-Iranian Boeing 747-300 freighter aircraft grounded at Buenos Aires' Ezeiza international airport, it was reported.

  • Saturday, October 15th 2022 - 14:39 UTC

    Last 5 members of Emtrasur freighter's crew acquitted

    No ruling has been issued so far on the fate of the Boeing 747

    Argentine Federal Judge Federico Villena Friday ruled in favor of acquitting the remaining five crewmembers of the Venezuelan-Iranian Boeing 747-300 seized at the Ezeiza International Airport citing a lack of evidence to prosecute them for financing terrorist activities.

  • Thursday, October 13th 2022 - 08:49 UTC

    PAHO sends help to Venezuelan town hit by mudslides

    The Americas are facing four health crises: COVID-19, monkeypox, polio, and cholera, Etienne explained

    The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Wednesday announced it was sending “medicines and medical supplies” to the Venezuelan town of Las Tejerías, in the State of Aragua state (central-north), where the number of fatalities has been updated to 43 following mudslides from heavy rains.

  • Wednesday, October 12th 2022 - 09:50 UTC

    Venezuela left out of UN Human Rights Council

    Venezuela is not qualified to sit on such a body, many NGOs agreed

    Venezuela has been voted out of the 47-member UN Human Rights Council while starting next year Chile and Costa Rica will join the group which also features Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, and Paraguay from Latin America.