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Stories for November 2016

  • Thursday, November 17th 2016 - 09:21 UTC

    Argentina unable to lower crude imports depite Minister Aranguren's preferences

    Argentine Energy Minister Jose Aranguren could not help but import almost as much crude as in 2015

    Despite Energy Minister Juan José Aranguren's plans, Argentina will end up importing in 2016 almost as much crude as in 2015. Freighters from Nigeria and Angola reported to be on their way with some 3 million barrels.

  • Thursday, November 17th 2016 - 09:10 UTC

    Argentina's central bank cuts benchmark rate despite Peso's depreciation

    Central bank lowered its reference rate by 50 basis points to 25.75%. Last week, it lowered the rate by 50 basis points after leaving it unchanged for six weeks

    Argentina's central bank cut its benchmark interest rate for the second time in two weeks in a surprise move amid market expectations it would hold steady after a high inflation reading and U.S. elections last week.

  • Thursday, November 17th 2016 - 08:54 UTC

    Demonstrators break into the Brazilian Lower House

    Several of the protesters shouted slogans against the government of Michel Temer and against corruption, calling for a military coup

    About 50 demonstrators on Wednesday invaded the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies causing chaos and forcing lawmakers to suspend the congressional session. The protesters, who had been demonstrating against social budget cuts outside the chamber, managed to get through the door and into the lower house itself after deceiving security agents tasked with restricting access.

  • Thursday, November 17th 2016 - 08:36 UTC

    Malcorra taunted in Congress over the UK/Argentina statement and South Atlantic chapter

    “I disagree with the text of the statement, but I do not believe it is a treaty”, said lawmaker Elisa Carrió during the debate on the issue

    A leading ally of President Mauricio Macri's precarious coalition in Congress and chair of the Lower House Foreign Affairs committee, held another special session to address the September UK/Argentina Joint Statement, which she argues is not an “accord or treaty”, but nevertheless strongly questions the South Atlantic chapter which calls for lifting economic sanctions on Falklands' trade, fisheries, connectivity and oil development.

  • Wednesday, November 16th 2016 - 16:59 UTC

    A Troubling New President for Interpol

    “The appointment of Meng Hongwei is alarming given China’s longstanding practice of trying to use Interpol to arrest dissidents and refugees abroad”

    The following editorial was published by The New York Times - Interpol, the international law enforcement agency, has had a history of allowing its international database of fugitives to be used by authoritarian governments to persecute dissidents and critics. It is therefore deeply troubling that a senior Chinese security official will become the organization’s next president.

  • Wednesday, November 16th 2016 - 11:31 UTC

    Small island nations fear they will cease to exist due to climate change

    Voices from Marrakesh - Climate change threatens the survival of small island countries

    Delegates from the Alliance of Small Island Nations (AOSIS) underscore the need to fight global warming and adapt to its effects as UN's 22nd Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change unfolds in Marrakesh.

  • Wednesday, November 16th 2016 - 11:22 UTC

    Venezuelan Supreme Court clears way to suppress National Assembly's right to impeach Maduro

    Venezuelan judiciary gets to say what lawmakers can and cannot do.

    At the request of Attorney General Reinaldo Muñoz submitted last week, claiming that the legislative branch was violating the National Constitution by pronouncing the president politically responsible for his actions. The Venezuelan Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the National Assembly to drop its intentions to move forward with the impeachment of President Nicolás Maduro because it would be unconstitutional.

  • Wednesday, November 16th 2016 - 10:01 UTC

    Cristina Fernandez furious with Macri for the accusations against her mother

    “Macri, my Mom is 87 and for over fifty years has been living with my sister in the same house, which is her only asset”, wrote Cristina Fernandez.

    Argentine ex president Cristina Fernandez strongly defended her mother Ofelia Wilhelm who has been accused by the federal justice of fraud and pointed to president Mauricio Macri for the official investigation warning that “no matter how many cases are dumped on me, the fact is people don't make enough money to reach the end of the month”.

  • Wednesday, November 16th 2016 - 09:51 UTC

    Canadian PM will pay official visits to Cuba, Argentina and attend APEC summit in Peru

    PM Trudeau is looking forward to working with presidents Castro and Macri to stimulate more trade and investment with Canada (Pic AFP)

    Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will pay official visits to Cuba and Argentina from November 15 to 18, and will travel to Peru from November 19 to 20 to participate in the 2016 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ meeting.

  • Wednesday, November 16th 2016 - 09:38 UTC

    IMF anticipates a more gradual recovery of the Brazilian economy than forecasted

    Temer has said he will not raise taxes unless reforms fail to pass; IMF directors warned tax hikes may need to wait until the economy is on stronger footing.

    International Monetary Fund's executive board said on Tuesday that the Brazilian economy could be close to pulling out of a grueling recession, but faces a long and bumpy recovery that hinges on the approval of unpopular reforms. In its considerations of the IMF staff's annual report on Brazil, the executive board said that despite the new government's efforts to avoid a fiscal crisis they expected a gradual recovery in Latin America's top economy.