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  • Saturday, December 3rd 2022 - 07:21 UTC

    Role of the Falklands in the development and success of British Antarctic Survey

    SS Fitzroy from the Falklands played a leading role in Operation Tabarin and the establishment of British Antarctic bases (Pic: A. Taylor)

    The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) celebrated 60 years of scientific research in Antarctica as the UK’s national operator. BAS evolved from the Falkland Islands Dependency Survey (FIDS), following on the success of Operation Tabarin 1943/46 involving SS Fitzroy from the Falkland Islands. This week's event took place during the marking of Antarctica Day on December first.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 11:42 UTC

    Carmona launches Argentina's Antarctic Annual Plan

    “Both the scientific research that Argentina promotes in Antarctica and all the logistical operations that the Armed Forces carry out ... are linked to the question of sovereignty,” Carmona explained.

    In the absence of Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero who had to isolate himself after having been a close contact during last week's Celac Summit of his Bolivian colleague Rogelio Mayta, who tested positive for COVID-19, Malvinas, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Secretary Guillermo Carmona presided over Monday's ceremony where the 2021-2022 Antarctic Annual Plan was launched.

  • Thursday, December 2nd 2021 - 23:40 UTC

    Antarctica Day, a unique agreement for a unique region

    Camilla Nichol,  Chief Executive, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

    ”December first, Antarctica Day, we are marking the 60th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty coming into effect. This year is also the 30th anniversary of the Environmental Protocol; the framework under the Antarctic Treaty which protects Antarctica from environmentally detrimental activity,” the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust celebrated yesterday. Camilla Nichol, the Chief Executive of the foundation, called to celebrate with colleagues across the Polar community and beyond the UK.

  • Saturday, November 30th 2019 - 07:34 UTC

    Argentine minister underlines Falklands' cooperation with UK in his final report

    We revitalized relations with the UK and at the same time advanced bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interest, wrote Faurie

    With the change of government in Argentina just round the corner, 10 December, the Foreign and Worship ministry presented a Foreign Policy Performance Report of the four-year mandate of outgoing president Mauricio Macri. The report was presented by Minister Jorge Faurie, and chapter 5 refers to the South Atlantic Islands, specifically the Falklands, and also Antarctica.

  • Saturday, December 22nd 2018 - 07:32 UTC

    Argentina launches the Antarctica Summer Campaign with icebreaker ARA Irizar

    Deputy foreign minister Ambassador Daniel Raimondi headed the ceremony with refurbished ARA Almirante Irizar

    With the departure of icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar, Argentina launched this week its Antarctica Summer Campaign 2018/19. The re furbished icebreaker is scheduled to develop an intense scientific activity, supply Argentina's bases and stations and replace the teams that will be spending a whole season in Antarctica.

  • Wednesday, October 17th 2018 - 07:44 UTC

    UK Antarctic Heritage Trust announces a new Port Lockroy team for 2018/19

    The team will be responsible for running the Port Lockroy post-office, managing the island’s museum and monitoring the resident gentoo penguin colony (Pic UKAHT)

    The United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is delighted to reveal details of the quintet who will live and work at Port Lockroy on a remote island off the Antarctic Peninsula during the 2018/19 Austral Antarctic summer (November – March).

  • Monday, May 14th 2018 - 20:04 UTC

    Argentina/UK: Agreement to enhance Antarctic scientific co-operation

      BAS Director Jane Francis and IAA Director Rodolfo Sánchez  signed a Memorandum of Understanding

    The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the Instituto Antártico Argentino (IAA) today signed a memorandum of understanding.The agreement will enable the implementation of joint science and technology research projects as well as enhanced training and exchange of personnel. .

  • Monday, December 4th 2017 - 08:44 UTC

    IAATO launches free iOS and Android for Antarctica guides

    Lisa Kelley, head of operations, IAATO, called it 'the perfect support tool for IAATO staff in the field.

    The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators launched a free iOS and Android app for staff guiding visitors in Antarctica that makes it quick and easy for users in the field to access essential information, without the need for a phone signal.

  • Sunday, February 26th 2017 - 09:19 UTC

    Argentine-Chilean Antarctic inspectors check BAS Rothera base

    The bi-national team at Rothera next to the aircraft used for the inspection tour

    A team or Argentine and Chilean experts have visited Czech and British bases in Antarctica as part of the routine inspection of environment and security operations, in the framework of the Antarctic Treaty. The Argentine foreign ministry reported that the inspections took place for the second consecutive year between 19 January and 25 February.

  • Saturday, October 8th 2016 - 11:13 UTC

    Antarctica celebrates 25th anniversary of the Environment Protection Protocol

    Signed on 4 October 1991 by 31 countries, the Madrid Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty came into force in 1998, once it had been ratified by all 26 ATCPs countries

    Tuesday 4 October was the 25th anniversary of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty which was created in order to protect the unique and pristine Antarctic landscape. The Protocol designates Antarctica as a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science; and bans the commercial extraction of minerals (mining and drilling).

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