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Montevideo, March 26th 2019 - 09:00 UTC

Tag: Ascension Island

  • Friday, January 11th 2019 - 21:23 UTC

    Ascension Island MPA; satellite data suggests conservation success likely

    Ascension Island's: home to one of the largest and healthiest green turtle rookeries in the Atlantic and a million seabirds breed and forage on its shores

    If United Nations goals are met, 10% of the world’s oceans could be marine reserves by 2020, but it has been suggested that many of these reserves will represent protection on paper but not in practice. However, new research trialling remote satellite monitoring of illegal fishing activity in the protected waters of Ascension Island from the Oxford Program of Sustainable Oceans suggests that here at least these “paper park” fears are not fully supported by evidence.

  • Thursday, May 10th 2018 - 07:28 UTC

    Falklands caught in the post Brexit Galileo space controversy

    Michael Barnier, Brussels chief Brexit negotiator, triggered the controversy when he argued UK companies should be excluded from the Galileo project

    United Kingdom ministers are unilaterally considering stopping EU access to the Galileo satellite earth station in the Falklands and Ascension, according to reports in the UK press. The move comes after Brussels chief Brexit negotiator, Michael Barnier, stated that UK companies would have to be excluded from the development of sensitive Galileo infrastructure following Brexit due to security concerns.

  • Monday, July 24th 2017 - 18:20 UTC

    Refuelling Hub for South Atlantic Airbridge confirmed as Cape Verde

    The SAA will continue to transit through Sal, Cape Verde until 2020

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is pleased to announce that a final decision has been taken on the location of the refuelling hub for the South Atlantic Airbridge (SAA). The SAA will continue to transit through Sal, Cape Verde until 2020, when the Ascension Island runway resurfacing project is expected to be complete.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2013 - 07:09 UTC

    Falklands and Ascension coins to commemorate the life of Lady Thatcher

    A recent portrait of Baroness Thatcher and the obverse with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

    The Falkland Islands and Ascension Island have released two coins from Pobjoy Mint to commemorate the life of former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher who passed away at the age of 87 on 8 April 2013.

  • Wednesday, October 17th 2012 - 16:50 UTC

    Falklands’ war restored Vulcan bomber will take final flight next year

    Soaring maintenance costs of the Avro Vulcan XH558, the only one still flying make it impossible to keep her in the air. Nevertheless since restoration she participated in over sixty air shows

    Britain's only flying Cold War Vulcan bomber and which participated in Operation Black Buck bombing Stanley airport during the Falkland Islands conflict of 1982, will take its final flight next year before being grounded because of soaring restoration costs, according to reports in the UK media.

  • Monday, July 16th 2012 - 14:51 UTC

    Iconic Falklands’ veteran Vulcan opened Farnborough Air-show

    The Vulcan and the Red Arrows over fly the air show grounds

    Britain’s Farnborough International Air-show opened last week with a joint flypast of the Red Arrows and the world’s last airworthy Avro Vulcan bomber XH558 commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.