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Stories for November 18th 2016

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 21:57 UTC

    Falklands to meet Red Cross in Geneva on DNA identification of Argentine combatants buried in Darwin

    MLA Mike Summers and MLA Phyl Rendell

    The Falklands government announced on Friday that MLA Mike Summers will be attending a meeting in Geneva, chaired by the Red Cross to forward agreements for DNA identification of Argentine combatants buried in Darwin. A follow up meeting in London for the signing of the agreements is scheduled, which will also include MLA Phyl Rendell, and to advance in other issues related to the September UK/Argentina joint statement referred to additional flights and fisheries scientific data exchange.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 11:47 UTC

    Uruguay with IDB support plans to invest US$600 million in rural roads network

    A US$300 million credit line for investment projects will boost agricultural production by improving the rural roads network

    Uruguay plans to improve the rural roads network of the 18 department governments with support from two credit lines for an investment project totalling US$600 million with two initial loans completing US$150 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The funds will support the implementation of rural roads construction in agriculture production areas, and will also be geared to improve and strengthen fiscal management and services at the departmental government level.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 11:42 UTC

    Latin American exports downward trend is greater than in the rest of the world

    The report shows that the export slowdown in Latin America and the Caribbean is even more intense than in the rest of the world

    Following two years in a downward trend the value of Latin American exports fell 14.8% in 2015, and 8.5% in the first seven months of 2016, according to the Trade and Integration Monitor 2016 of the Inter-American Development Bank. Services exports, which had partially compensated the fall in merchandise trade in previous years, contracted 2.4% in 2015, the first time since the 2009 financial crisis.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 11:36 UTC

    “Money must serve rather than govern” Francis tells conference of Catholic businesses

    Corruption “is a fraud to democracy” and opens the doors to “terrible evils”, above all ”corruption is to become a follower of the devil, the father of lies.”

    Pope Francis warned Catholic business leaders against the danger of worshipping money, saying corruption is to follow the lies of the devil, whereas practices aimed for the common good are always built around principals of honesty and fraternity. “Corruption is the worst social plague. It’s the lie of seeking personal gain of that of the group itself under the guise of a service to society,” the Pope said on Thursday.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 11:13 UTC

    Argentina pledges to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 million by 2030

    Minister Bergman voices Argentina's commitment to making a difference on environmental issues

    Argentina will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from 570 to 483 million tonnes by 2030, Environment Minister Sergio Bergman announces in Marrakesh.Argentina's Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Sergio Bergman said Thursday at the United Nation's 22nd Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change in Marrakesh (COP 22) that his country was working on a plan to achieve “zero deforestation,” the recovery of degraded lands and the change of energy matrix.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 11:02 UTC

    Southern Cone countries reach border control accords

    Southern cone countries agree in Brasilia to work together towards safer borders

    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, sign in Brasilia documents providing for the joint work by security agencies to fight drug trafficking, smuggling of goods and people and money laundering.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 10:28 UTC

    Buenos Aires' to have its own Trump Tower luxurious offices by 2020

    Buenos Aires Trump Tower project picks up momentum

    With a budget of 100 million dollars, construction of the 35-story building may start in June next year and be finished by 2020, it was announced by the same developers in charge of the residential project in Punta del Este under the name of next President of the United States.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 09:36 UTC

    Argentina and Canada allies in supporting free trade and combating protectionism

    Macri and Trudeau said “the challenge we’re facing now is to demonstrate that we can create trade deals that give benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises”

    Argentine president Mauricio Macri and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took direct aim on Thursday at the walls of protectionism set to be erected around the United States, saying that freer trade is the best way to pull their countries out of economic uncertainty. The two leaders said there is real anxiety that progress and global trade have resulted in people being left behind or children being robbed of the same opportunities afforded their parents and grandparents.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 09:22 UTC

    Trump's presidency short lived? Two experts who anticipated his victory make the prediction

    Allan Lichtman said Trump's history of playing “fast and loose with the law,” his unpredictability and lack of public service experience could end in impeachment.

    Donald Trump caught the world by surprise when he emerged victorious at the United States elections, but his stay at the White House could be short-lived, according to university professor who has correctly predicted presidential poll outcomes for the last 30 years. A similar prediction has been made by journalist and filmmaker Michael Moore who also forecasted Trump's victory with weeks' anticipation.

  • Friday, November 18th 2016 - 09:15 UTC

    Yellen intends to remain her four-year term; anticipates rate increase “relatively soon”

    “I was confirmed by the Senate to a four-year term, which ends at the end of January of 2018, and it is fully my intention to serve out that term.”

    The United States Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen told Congress on Thursday that she is not stepping down. Her statement follows on strong attacks during the campaign from president elect Donald Trump who claimed the Fed was favoring president Barack Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton with its low interest rate policy.

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