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Latin America

  • Sunday, April 8th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    “Veggie-fueled vehicle” links Alaska with Ushuaia

    In a fire engine fuelled by Chilean chip fat, Mexican lard, Colombian palm oil, Argentine soybean and corn oil Seth Warren and Tyler Bradt completed last week the longest journey made without diesel or petrol.

  • Saturday, April 7th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Venezuela, assuming chair of OAS Permanent Council

    Venezuela's Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Jorge Valero, assumed the chairmanship of the Permanent Council and talked about the need for deeper conceptual and institutional change within the hemispheric organization.

  • Friday, April 6th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chile and Canada celebrate 10th FTA anniversary

    Chilean and Canadian authorities celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries on Wednesday in Santiago.

  • Friday, April 6th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Morales: Following Chavez or own path?

    Pte. Chavez with Pte. Evo Morales

    Rewrite the constitution: check. Redistribute idle land: check. Rail against U.S. imperialism: check. Nationalize the phone company: check.

  • Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Cuba and Spain become friend again

    Miguel Angel Moratinos has met with Raul Castro, brother to Fidel, to whom he handed a letter to the ill dictator from King Juan Carlos

    Spain has promised to resume development aid to Cuba in return for Havana's pledge to open dialogue on human rights. Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos held talks with Cuba's acting president; Raul Castro late on Tuesday. It was the first visit by a European Union minister since 2003.

  • Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Urges Peru protest suspension over land mine

    Peruvian nationalists are scheduled to illegally cross into Chile today

    Peruvian nationalists are scheduled to illegally cross into Chile Wednesday in protest of a historic border dispute. But if the event goes as planned, Chile's Interior Minister Belisario Velasco warned Tuesday that the protest could turn deadly.

  • Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chile: Airline wars continue

    The battle between Chile's three principle domestic airlines, LAN, Sky and Aerolínes del Sur has become increasingly heated over the past months.

  • Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chile's armed forces 100 percent voluntary for first time in history

    Pte. Bachelet at a ceremony at the Escuela Militar training academy

    Chile's Armed Forces announced Tuesday that the 16,050 new recruits for 2007 were all volunteers. Citing the new recruitment law which provided funding for marketing and better benefits for solders, over 40,000 applications were received for the available spots.

  • Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    US-Chilean trade booming, up 25% over January 2006

    During January 2007 trade between Chile and Untied States reached 1.29 billion US dollars, up 26% from the same month in 2006, according to the latest report on bilateral trade from the Chilean-North American Chamber of Commerce. (AmCham).

  • Saturday, March 31st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    El Salvador chosen as “pilot” country for ethanol project

    Pte. Lula da Silva & Pte. Bush at the end of a joint news conference at Camp David

    United States and Brazil invited El Salvador to become the “pilot” country for the production of ethanol thus helping to save on hydrocarbons, was confirmed in El Salvador by the country's president Elias Antonio Saca.