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Montevideo, September 22nd 2023 - 01:55 UTC

Tag: Loligo Squid

  • Friday, June 16th 2023 - 10:14 UTC

    Falklands: Record Loligo catch, 53,578 tons, fifth year in a row

    Dr Clausen had said the run of high catches of Loligo was the result of a suite of management measures applied to make commercial stock sustainable.

    Falkland Islands Director of Natural Resources Dr. Andrea Clausen reported there was another high catch of Loligo squid during this year’s first season, the fifth year in a row. Dr Andrea Clausen said in her report for the Fisheries Committee, meeting on June, that the total catch of Loligo had been 53,578 tons.

  • Thursday, August 19th 2021 - 06:03 UTC

    Spanish trawlers believe Falklands is heading for a record catch of Loligo

    In 2019 Loligo landings reached 80,334 tons but the record is 1995, with 98,409 tons

    The fleet of trawlers from Vigo. Spain operating in the Falkland Islands waters are most enthusiastic about the current second squid season and believe Loligo landings already totaling 72,200 tons according to records from Falklands' Natural Resources Department could anticipate, if catch rates continue, a record similar to that of the best year back in 1995, with 98,409 tons.

  • Monday, May 10th 2021 - 06:08 UTC

    Falklands closes first Loligo season earlier; successful catch anticipated

    Dr Clausen explained Loligo are protected by not allowing fishing in the spawning grounds at any time – spatial management

    The Falkland Islands Loligo (Falkland Calamari) fishery, which holds two seasons a year, closed its first season of 2021 early – the northern part of the box on April 14 and the south on April 28, three days before the planned last day of May 1.

  • Monday, April 8th 2019 - 12:24 UTC

    Brexit tariffs' scare: 21.000 tons of Falklands Loligo en route to Galicia

    A second and a third reefer with 6.000 and 9.000 tons, totaling 21.000 tons  have left or are leaving for Galicia before 12 April (Pic Alf-Vigo)

    Reefers loaded with Falklands' Loligo are rushing to Vigo most concerned about what will happen on April 12, when Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union, either with a hard Brexit or agree to further negotiations with EU and an extension period. In the first case Spanish companies in Galicia fear they might have to pay millions in EU tariffs

  • Wednesday, October 24th 2018 - 08:55 UTC

    Falklands' calamari catches this year among the most productive

    Calamari catches this year have totaled almost 79.000 tons in the two seasons, 43.085 and 35.827

    The Falkland Islands calamari, Loligo, season has been one of the best in recent years with catches totaling some 78.913,81 tons, which represents a 25% over the previous season, according to reports in the Galician media, and confirmed by the Islands Natural Resources Department.

  • Friday, June 1st 2018 - 08:02 UTC

    Falklands' Loligo first season squid catch, the best in the last five years

    Rounded to the nearest 100 tons, the first season catch in 2013 was 19,900. In 2014 it was 28,100, and in 2015, 19,400: in 2016, 22,600, while in 2017 it reached 39,400.

    The Falkland Islands' total catch of the loligo squid, or Falklands' calamari, in the first season of 2018 was 43,085 tons, which compares very favorably to first-season catches over the last five years.

  • Saturday, May 12th 2018 - 13:29 UTC

    Catches Variable but Falkland Islands Fishing Season Progressing Well

     The Loligo squid season, which closed on the 5th May, was very successful with the highest catch since 1995 of 43,000 tonnes recorded (Pic Beauchene Fishing Co.Ltd.)

    Earlier this week Mercopress announced that a delegation from the Falkland Islands will be joining the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Argentina next week to discuss fisheries data exchange. This announcement comes shortly after a successful visit to the Brussels Seafood Show, where the important access of continued market access post-Brexit was discussed with partners by Falkland Islands fishing companies.

  • Wednesday, April 4th 2018 - 08:52 UTC

    Falklands' Loligo squid “doing well” in first month of the fishery

    Falkland Islands Senior Fisheries Scientist Sasha Arkhipkin said all vessels have quite stable catches of 20-40mt of squid per day

    Twenty thousand tons of Loligo squid have been caught during the first month of the fishery, so it is “doing well,” the Falkland Islands Senior Fisheries Scientist Sasha Arkhipkin confirmed to Penguin News during the last week of March.