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Montevideo, June 8th 2023 - 14:22 UTC

Tag: Efrain Alegre

  • Sunday, April 30th 2023 - 12:08 UTC

    Paraguay chooses new President

    Peña or Alegre? One of them will become President-elect later Sunday

    Since 7 am local time Sunday (GMT -4), around 4.78 million Paraguayans started voting for the new President, who will take over from Mario Abdo Benítez on Aug. 15, it was reported in Asunción. As per Paraguayan law, there is no runoff, so whoever gets the most votes Sunday, even by the slightest of differences, will be declared the winner.

  • Tuesday, March 7th 2023 - 09:59 UTC

    Fitch foresees end of Colorado rule in Paraguay

    The ANR has two prominent leaders singled out as most corrupt and is also going through an internal crack between those following Abdo and those supporting Cartes (or his protégé Peña)

    A study by Fitch forecasts that next month's Presidential elections in Paraguay will mark the end of one of the two surviving conservative governments in the region. Should Santiago Peña of the Colorado Party be defeated on April 30 by Efraín Alegre of Concertación, Uruguay's Luis Lacalle Pou would become the only non-leftwing leader in all of South America.

  • Monday, April 23rd 2018 - 09:52 UTC

    Ruling party wins election in Paraguay, but with surprise performance of the opposition

    Mario Abdo Benitez won slightly more than 46% of the vote, with his centrist opponent Efrain Alegre taking almost 43% in a race that was far closer than expected.(Pic AFP)

    Paraguay's Mario Abdo Benitez, “Marito”, who represents the country's long-dominant Colorado Party, was elected as president on Sunday, landing the top job in the country with the smallest economy in Mercosur. The US-educated son of a senior aide to the country's late dictator, Abdo Benitez won slightly more than 46% of the vote, with his centrist opponent Efrain Alegre taking almost 43% in a race that was far closer than expected.

  • Thursday, April 19th 2018 - 07:58 UTC

    All is ready for Paraguay Sunday's presidential election

    Ex Costa Rica president said that on Election Day, “observers will be deployed throughout the country and throughout the day to different polling stations.”

    Former Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla began this week her activities as head of the Organization of American States (OAS) mission that will observe Paraguay’s April 22 elections. During an event at Paraguay’s TSJE electoral court, Chinchilla and the president of the TSJE, Jaime Bestard, signed an agreement establishing the terms of the mission, which will include 39 observers from 14 countries.

  • Wednesday, April 18th 2018 - 07:13 UTC

    Landlocked Paraguay votes on Sunday: ruling party candidate expected to win

    The ruling Colorado Party’s Mario Abdo Benitez and Efraín Alegre (R) of the left-leaning Grand National Renovating Alliance are battling for the presidency.

    With Latin America’s three most populous countries voting for president this year, it’s easy to overlook the election in landlocked Paraguay (population 7 million) that takes place on April 22.

  • Friday, May 10th 2013 - 07:35 UTC

    Paraguay discussing inviting Maduro to the inauguration of president-elect Cartes

    President-elect Cartes takes office next 15 August

    Paraguayan president elect Horacio Cartes transition team said that Venezuela should be present at the inauguration ceremony of the new head of state scheduled for 15 August, despite the ‘current circumstances’ of bilateral relations.

  • Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 07:49 UTC

    Cartes invites the opposition to work with him and sends message to Brazil

    ”We want to work next to Brazil, a brother-country” said the President-elect

    In his victory speech Paraguay president-elect Horacio Cartes said he expects to win the confidence of all the Paraguayan population and called on the opposition to work for the good of the nation. He also had a direct reference to the neighbouring giant saying he wanted to work with Brazil, a ‘brother-country’.

  • Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 06:34 UTC

    Paraguay’s Colorados back in office; opposition admits defeat; observers praise election process

    President elect Cartes with the red colour of the party celebrates victory

    Millionaire businessman Horacio Cartes won Paraguay's Sunday presidential election, returning the powerful centre-right Colorado Party to power after a brief spell started in 2008 ended in impeachment last year. Cartes won with a 9 or 10 percentage point lead over Efrain Alegre of the ruling Liberal Party, the head of the country's electoral tribunal said.

  • Thursday, April 18th 2013 - 21:39 UTC

    “Democracy in Paraguay is here to stay: Mercosur and Unasur have become irrelevant”

    Interim ambassador Caballero Aquino said Venezuelan President Maduro is ‘persona non grata’

    “We’re optimistic about Sunday’s election and the future of Paraguay if we can agree on long term state policies, but something is for certain: democracy in Paraguay is here to stay” said Ricardo Caballero Aquino, Chargé d’affaires of the Paraguayan embassy in Montevideo who was also positive about future relations with Unasur and Mercosur.

  • Thursday, April 18th 2013 - 05:30 UTC

    Cartes and Alegre with best chances of becoming Paraguayan president on Sunday

    Cartes a successful businessman with the support of the hegemonic Colorado party

    On Thursday evening all of Paraguayan presidential candidates will be holding their final rallies after which begins a 48-hour ban of all electoral activities ahead of Sunday’s general election. Two candidates outstand in the dispute, Horacio Cartes from the Colorado party and Efrain Alegre from the ruling coalition headed by the Liberals.